Friday, August 21, 2009

PR - It's Back!

Finally! After 10 months of deprivation, uncertainty of its future, and barely being able to sit through a few horrible episodes of "Fashion Show", the real thing is back. Unfortunately Lifetime's website is still clunky and doesn't have ready-to-go photos of all the looks from last night. Hopefully they can get that off the ground...preferably before next week.

I had a little premier party. Granted, it was 10pm on a weeknight, but a few loyalists showed up - my friends Meghan and Christi. I made Rice Krispy treats accessorized with red hots for the occasion. After years of watching it by myself, it's way more fun with other people.

The only major difference this season seems to be that it's in L.A. instead of N.Y. Don't know if that's a Lifetime thing or just something to change it up. I think it will definitely bring some new variety to the pool of guest judges and possibly influence some of the challenges. This week, a perfect example. The challenge was to create a red carpet look for something like the Emmy's, Grammy's, etc. And the guest judge? Lindsay Lohan. Who shouldn't be judging anyone or anything. Christi observed her publicist must have pulled in all her favors for that one.

The Challenge: Create a red carpet look. Pretty straightforward.
The Winner: Christian
The Loser: Ari
Disco Mom's pick: Irina
  • As is always the case for the first 5 or 6 episodes, there are just too many designers to get a good feel for everyone, much less learn their names. It will take awhile to weed some out. Ari was a good one to start with.
  • I'm glad to see a designer on the show who designs for large women (Qrystal with a Q.) I hope they have a plus size challenge so she can have an advantage. Unfortunately her red carpet look was in the kind of poor taste you often find in plus size stores - not a good start for her.
  • Ari is definitely a free spirit kind of designer, like that girl a few seasons ago that spit on fabric instead of marking. I figured they'd keep her around for the entertainment value, and oust Mitchell (who really did also deserve it.) Glad to see they're not afraid to get rid of crazy people.
  • I liked Christian's dress OK, but thought Irina's was a better red carpet look. I also really liked that first dress, the aqua blue with the 3-D geometric bodice. I think it was done by the Yugoslavian woman. I thought it was very cool.
  • Don't know if I'll be staying up every week to watch, but will definitely record it and watch soon thereafter, and of course post.
  • Bravo has made a smart move by premiering Top Chef the same week, but that means a very busy DVR in my house.
  • And speaking of Bravo, one of the best things about the move to Lifetime is no longer having to stomach all those ads for Real Housewives and Millionaire Matchmaker or whatever it is. So obnoxious.

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Just Katy said...

This season looks really good! The talent is definitely up a notch. I can't wait to see more.

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