Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Disco Mom's Gift Guide

I can never remember my gift ideas for the right occasion at the right time. Father's Day, and all I can think of are baby gifts. Wedding time, and I can only think of some awesome random gadget I'm getting my brother for his birthday. Then I go to a baby shower and get all these new cool ideas.

I may have mentioned before I keep a spreadsheet of gift ideas for children at each age. Because as soon as my kids are past an age my mind goes blank and I can't for the life of me remember what a 1-year-old likes. So with each birthday I make a list of things they like at this age, so I have ideas when other birthdays and birthday parties come up. Then there's the teacher gifts each year. And the occasional relative's wedding. Birthdays and anniversaries come around EVERY YEAR, too! It's harsh.

Gifting is DEFINITELY one of my love languages. I love magazine gift guide spreads - they often pop up near Christmas and in the spring when it's graduation and wedding season. LOVE gift guides. Even though I rarely need to use the suggestions, I love having suggestions to choose from when I do need them. I'll do another post with my kids gift guide sometime, though I only have it up to 4 years old.

So for the next week, starting tomorrow, I'll post seven gift guides of seven of my current go-to's for New Grads, Newlyweds, New Babies, New House, Teachers, Women and Men. Some of them you've seen before; I'm not that creative. Read them and weigh in. 'Cause we all need help.

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Alex M. said...

Cool idea! You are so organized!!

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