Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Maren!

Here at DMTotW we're a family show, and that means if Dave gets a birthday crossword, well so does Maren. And that's right, Tona, you will get one too. Today is my next older sister Maren's birthday and it's time for everyone to get to know her, or show off what they already know. She's educated, she's traveled, she's a great mom, and accomplished in so many ways. Happy Birthday, Maren - hope it's the best yet!
7. In high school Maren was active in the drama program.  
In which play did she bring the house down with her leading role?
The Man Who Came to Dinner
10. How far apart were Maren’s college graduation and wedding?
One Day
11. What will Maren’s children answer if she asks them,
“What do you get when you whine?”
12. In what city did they live when Torin was born?
Middlebury (VT)
13. What is Maren’s degree? (hint: not a B.A.)
15. Maren has always been wonderful on stage.  
Where was her very first performance?
Disneyland - at a magic show when she was like 4
16. How many times has Maren lived in California?
17. What is the name of the apartment complex where
Maren lived off-campus at BYU?
19. What is Maren’s degree in?
21. What was always the first part of Maren’s tennis
shoes to wear out?
Big Toe
23. In which neighborhood of Cambridge did they live
during Quinn’s first Harvard stint?
Porter Square

1. Our Dad has an absolute favorite picture of Maren
when she was about 3. In it she’s wearing a coat –
what color and what color trim?
Blue, White
2. In what city did they live when Laurel was born?
Palo Alto
3. What was Maren’s first car?
Chevy Malibu
4. In what city did they live when Sonja was born?
5. Maren has lived in three foreign countries.
In alphabetical order, what is the second one?
6. At what BYU freshman activity did Maren meet Quinn?
7.  In alphabetical order, what is the third foreign country
Maren has lived in?
8. What is Maren’s middle name?
Edna, after Grandma Younce
9. What classic recipe did Maren try over and over and
swear she could not make (until recently)?
Chocolate chip cookies
14. When we were little girls and shared a room, we used to
make up dance routines and perform them for the family.
What song was my favorite done to?
Rio (Duran Duran)
18. How old is Maren today?
20. In alphabetical order, what is the first foreign country
Maren has lived in?
22. Who was Maren’s first boyfriend?
(First and last name; I believe she was in 7th grade.)
Brian Nanto, the stud


Maren said...

This is really pretty good- there's at least one I didn't get. I'll hold off on answering for now and give y'all a chance to guess.

dave said...

Okay, here's the combined brains of Dave, Michelle, and Tona at work. We got all but 3.

7) The Man Who Came to Dinner
10) One Day
11) Nothing!
12) Middlebury
13) BFA
15) Disneyland
16) three
17) Regency
19) Photography
21) Big toe
23) Porter Square

1) blue/white
2) ????ohio
3) Chevy Malibu
4) Boston
5) Norway
6) ??r???
7) Turkey
8) Edna
9) Chocolate Chip Cookies
14) ?i?
18) thirty-five
20) Egypt
22) Brian Nanto

Yay maren! Yay Discomom! We had lots of fun doing this last night.

Maren said...

Wow- good job.
2 down: Palo Alto
6 down: Y Group

14 down still has me stumped because "Night Flight to Venus" doesn't fit there!

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