Wednesday, November 14, 2007

7 Things You Never Knew (or tried to forget) About Me

My sister-in-law Camille has "tagged" me, supposedly requiring me to disclose seven interesting things about myself. I'm taking it a step further, trying to make it things most people don't know. As I was thinking of them, I kept coming back to embarrassing moments, since because of their nature I haven't flaunted them as much as, say, the fancy letters after my name in "Kari Hickman, M.A., CCC-SLP." But I also tried to come up with some that aren't extremely painful to admit. Here they are (drumroll):
  1. My lifelong sugar addiction began early with a childhood candy corn habit.
  2. My first boyfriend asked me out by getting on one knee and saying, "Will you be my lawfully wedded groove chick?" (Unfortunately there were no photos of the joyous occasion.)
  3. I would like to learn to play the banjo.
  4. In 1995 at a BYU dance I dislocated my knee doing, yes, the Electric Slide. I got an ambulance ride to the ER, a leg brace, and weeks of physical therapy, all of which came with numerous chances to tell the tale. Beyond embarrassing.
  5. Around age 15-16 I went a year and a half without shaving my legs. At EFY people asked if I was European. At Robinson people knew I was just Kari Younce.
  6. In 2000, I ran over my neighbor's cat, who had been taking a nap under my parked car. I was so traumatized that I had some guys I know come clean her up, and when my neighbor got home I told him she had been hit by a car. I never told him it was me. I still feel terrible about it.
  7. My hugely intense childhood celebrity crush was on...Huey Lewis.
It was only after writing these 7 things that I read on Camille's blog her 7 things, all of which are about her now (not in the past), and all of which received at least a paragraph in explanation. Since Ginger has been sick and not sleeping well for several nights, I lack the mental energy for such thorough self-analysis, so I shall let my 7 stand.


Michelle said...

Well, I was there for the electric slide incident, and I still remember the long convoluted story involving diving boards, pools and amazing aerobatics that you claimed caused the injury whenever someone dumb asked you, which of course, was everyone.

Maren said...

Wow, you learn something new every day. I remember #5 and 7, and vaguely recall the knee brace, though not the story behind it. Cool. Now I have to go read Camille's even though I don't know her.

SuperGabers - The Mom said...

Love #5. It made me laugh. Let's promise to not shave our legs until we see each other again, ok? Sounds fun! How did Ed's interview go?

Nells said...

I'm Therese's little sister and love reading your blog. I had to comment on your seven things because they are hilarious! I loved them and glad there wasn't a huge explanation following each. I know how tiring it can be to think at the end of the day. I have two kids who run me ragged! Thanks for posting these fun insights.
Janelle :p

Disco Mom said...

Gabe - you're on! I did finally shave for prom. These days if I waited for a formal event I might go years. Though I know Matt has a high tolerance for me, he may not appreciate this particular influence on you.

Janelle - yay! I love when ghost reader reveal themselves, especially ones I like - welcome!

SuperGabers - The Mom said...

Hey... anything to keep his ruddy hands off me! Ü

Camille Foote said...

Thanks for playing. No long explanations needed. I now have a completely different mental picture of younger Kari and will never be able to hear anyone mention the electric slide again without thinking of you.

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