Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Dave!

Today is Dave’s 30th Birthday and many of us are paying him tribute on our blogs. Dave is the coolest, the cleverest, the most eclectic, skilled, creative, and fun person in the world, so to honor him and his many hats, here is a Dave Younce Trivia crossword puzzle. Some will be easy of course, and some may only be known to me and Dave, but give it a try and see how much you know (or can learn) about the best brother in the world.

Now with answers!
I'm sorry some people thought there were too many private jokes, but I wanted it to be challenging for even those who know him well, so we couldn't expect every dave, david and davey to get them!
5. Our sister Tona’s kids have a favorite story about Uncle Dave. When he was just a crawler, my parents were working with a harvest from the garden at the kitchen table. Dave crawled under the table, reached into a paper bag, pulled something out, and took a big bite. What was it? HOT PEPPER - and I am told much shrieking ensued.
7. What technological advancement does Dave insist will vastly improve my (and
maybe your) quality of life? TIVO - I didn't even check if I spelled it right! We are working our way up to it, starting out with DVR from the cable company.
9. Where did Dave serve his
mission? LOS ANGELES, Spanish-speaking
10. When Dave had just learned to speak, my parents taught him a joke. They would ask, “How far can a dog run into the woods?” What is the answer he was trained to give? HALFWAY - You see, after he has gone halfway, he is then running out of the woods. Very typical Younce humor.
What did I give Dave for his birthday this year? SPICY COOKIES - Sparx Spicy Cookies, but the crossword generator didn't like that.
15. Where was Dave's first job? DOMINOS - At University Mall.
16. What movie did Dave & Michelle get their daughter's name from? HIS GIRL FRIDAY - a Carey Grant film (girl's name is Hilde).
17. Twice a year (or so) Dave organizes a gaming weekend retreat, and people from all over the country attend. What's it called? CAMP NERDLY

18. What is Dave's middle name? GEARY, after our Dad, after his grandmother's maiden name.
22. When we were teenagers, and I would drive us from seminary to school in the morning, I would sometimes slip my hands around the steering wheel as if turning but only as a fake-out, and we would continue to go straight. What warning did I give Dave about this maneuver? NEVER DO THIS, followed by "Very dangerous!" but that was too long for the crossword. We must have done that interchange every day for two years.

1. What is Dave's favorite chocolate cake? DARN GOOD (Chocolate Cake), from The Cake Mix Doctor, mmmm.... We had that at our house in honor of the birthday and also the cake's deliciousness. I will post the recipe if anyone wants.
2. What is Dave's preferred casual shirt? GUAYABERA - I think I actually did spell this wrong in the crossword, so sorry, I think I left out the first A. Anyway our Grandpa Cummings made these shirts famous in our family - he was always in one unless he was in a shirt and tie. Now the grandsons are carrying on the comfortable legacy.
3. What college did Dave graduate from? GEORGE MASON
4. What fruit did Dave only learn to like as an adult, while on his mission? WATERMELON - I believe the story goes that he was so hot from biking and working in the LA summer that they were in someone's home and were offered pureed watermelon, and it sounded and tasted so refreshing that he liked it.

6. If you are ever honored enough to be a guest in Dave's home, he is sure to favor you with one of his original non-alcoholic mixed drinks. What is the key ingredient in these? SELTZER, duh.
8. Our Mom has a special name for Dave's current occupation: Professional HACKER.
11. What did Dave recently tell me is "the perfect meal"? APPLE TART, Mom's apple tart to be specific. We just went apple picking and I told Dave I was making it, and we discussed how great it is for snack, breakfast, dessert, or anytime - "the perfect meal", he concluded.
12. In elementary school, what country was Dave very interested in? EGYPT
13. What is Dave's favorite SUV (make and model)? NISSAN MURANO
18. When Dave was about 2, what animal did he claim he wanted to be when he grew up? GORILLA
19. Dave is a very accomplished connoisseur of specialty sodas. What is his favorite brand of
ginger beer? BLENHEIM
20. What did Dave's daughter Hilde tell me is her favorite thing to do with her dad? HIDE AND SEEK, isn't that cute?
21. What is Dave's favorite non-chocolate cake? SNICKERDOODLE, also from The Cake Mix Doctor. It's a moist cinnamon white cake with cinnamon frosting, really delicious.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the trivia puzzle! How'd you do? Aw, all tuckered out? Go ahead, take a nap. Dave says it's OK.


dave said...

That was awesome.

I think I have all of them but 11 Down and 20 Down.

Maren said...

I missed 8 of them. Good one, though! Do we get to have all the answers revealed at some point?

Disco Mom said...

Dave - you need to pay closer attention to what you say in our conversations, and try to get the other answer out of Hilde.

Maren - not bad! Yes, I will publish the answers tomorrow.

Shells said...

I went out to lunch with Dave and his coworkers and they were all asking for the answers, this was a big hit. Great job.

Maren said...

And you win the prize for best picture(s).

Davey said...

Davey need answers!!!!!

Davey not have enough to do at work today!!!!

Davey thinks cross word has too many inside jokes!!!

Davey secretly impressed by crossword!!!

dave said...

Davey internal Caveman monologue leaking on to internet!!!!!!

Disco Mom said...

ok, keep your animal skin coverings on. let me get the girls down to some lunch and naps so i can give the answers proper attention - i promise as fast as i can!

Davey said...

Yea! Answers!

Now I can get back to work.

(I was channeling Hulk btw, not some no name caveman thank you very much)

Seriously, thanks. Great fun learning about Dave.

Shells said...

I think all of us learned something new about Dave, and that was fun in itself.

kat said...

the crossword puzzle was brilliant! younce strikes again!

Disco Mom said...

Thanks everyone, yes this was fun to make. Maybe it's the start of a new trend here on DMTOtW.

Tona said...

If so, I'm doomed. Mine's coming up. Happy 30th Dave, you rock!

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