Thursday, October 18, 2007

Uncle Eric Comes for a Visit

"Uncle Eric?" say the Younces. "There's not an Eric in our family."
"There's not?" say the Hickmans. "Well we don't have an Eric either. Who is this Uncle Eric?"

I'm talking about Eric Wilson, our good friend from Colorado. In fact, he is one of the very few Ed refers to as a "buddy" (as in, "My good buddy Eric took me to this awesome fishing spot...") Much outdoorsy male bonding takes place between Ed and Eric. And Wilson was the very first person I met at the Boulder Institute, and he took me on a date on the spot, so we have a bond as well. The fact that he has known both of us as long as we have known each other, and that he has made an effort to stay in touch, has earned him the honorary title: Uncle Eric. And since at least half of my readership of 4-6 people probably knows him, it was worth a post.
Yes, Wilson was in town last weekend. He is dating a wonderful woman Julia who is a theater arts teacher and lived in NYC for 7 years, so she decided the Mountain Man needed some culture, and she brought him to NY for a weekend to take in some shows. He might be the only 32-yr-old I know who had never seen a professional stage play until this weekend. (Julia's got her work cut out!)
Anyway, we met them Saturday afternoon and spent a few hours together in Central Park, enjoying perfect fall weather and scattered live music as well. Last time Eric saw Hazel she was 3 months old so he did some bonding with the kids, too. Ed's going to see him next week hunting in the mountains, but it was still fun to see him here in New York. I gave him a hard enough time on Saturday about never coming to visit us, so I will abstain here.
But see how happy we all are? Makes you want to come visit, right? You've only got 9 months left to get on the stick. Ed's been sending out resumes and starting to interview, so come on people! Anyway, great to see you Eric!


Jenifuz said...

I would soooo love to come visit! Too bad it's not in the cards!!! Everyone looks great though!!! Kari, I love your hair!

Mia said...

You all do look very happy! Eric looks great as well.I didn't know him that well, but I am happy that he is dating a wonderful lady :) I am pretty sure that we will make it out to NY before your 9 months is up. I will of course let you know if/when we make any definite plans.

Just Katy said...

Nothing beats family like fake family. He he. Oh wait, I probably shouldn't put that on a family member's blog. Oh well. I like your hair cut too.

Disco Mom said...

Thanks about the hair, guys. I finally have that short mom-do I always never wanted and I love it.

Katy - cousins by marriage is practically fake family so you're ok!

dävid said...


YOU were the first person I met at the boulder institute.

except, i didn't take you on a date... you were dating some guy named ed... never heard what happened to him though.

; )

dävid said...


it was in the summer of 2000. My guess would be.. early august or something.

i was walking in the door from the parking lot. i remember you had white-rimmed glasses. you just said hi and welcome. i thought, "ok, now i can't pretend no one knew that i came."

good job.

Disco Mom said...

dävid, you know, ed and I were almost always "on a break." you should have taken me out - might have helped my cause! ah, well, I guess it all worked out in the end.

Carol Younce said...

I love how you are all looking at the camera and smiling and Ginger is looking at Eric. So cute- you make Central Park look good.

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