Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Applique Onesies

Always desperately seeking a creative outlet, here are samples of my most recent projects: appliqued onesies. I have some tough constrictions on creative projects I'm allowed to get involved in - mostly, it has to be started, finished, and cleaned up within a few hours or at least a day. Someday I'll have a "craft room" where projects can be spread out and left out over time. But for now I have limited space and two mobile kiddos!
So I raided my mom's 20-years-worth supply of quilting fabric scraps, bought a nice pair of pinking shears and some plain onesies and voila! The white ones are Ginger's, and my first experiments.
The other ones were baby gifts for a friend. Who knows, if you are expecting soon you might end up with one or two as well.
(For larger view, click on images.)

Now my next project is Ginger's Christmas stocking - I've put it off for 9 months and now it's time to get cracking - wish me luck!


Michelle said...

Those look fantastic Kari, I am amazed you find the time to do anything with all that you do. So I am very impressed.

Shanda said...

So fun! If only you lived closer we could do projects together! You are so creative!

Mia said...

Those are super cute. I love them! Pinking shears were my favorite thing to steal out of my mom's sewing kit. I still get giddy when I use them :)

Margaret said...

Here's a craft that Kalle and I enjoy. We made some for his niece's birthday and I think Katie should be looking forward to felt mascots for Christmas. I think I'll turn some of them into finger puppets.


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