Friday, May 25, 2007


I just had a surprising experience, one I don't have as often as I used to, and I had to write about it. Have you ever heard a song that absolutely makes your soul swoon - you are suddenly elated in a way nothing else could do? I love music for this exact reason, and sadly my chances to enjoy it have drastically diminished with the arrival of the sweeties. But this afternoon I got the chance. Hazel was napping and Ginger was hanging out in the bouncy seat. I dug out the mixes Dave made for my wedding reception, still some of my favorite compilations, and put on "Kari's Love Songs"* while I cleaned the living room. Each one gave me some nostalgic and sentimental feelings, with memories and emotions attached to each song. They also gave me lots of ideas for future Sing Alongs (Motown, duets, etc.) Then Ginger started to fuss so I wrapped her up and rocked her to sleep when "Cowboy Take Me Away" by the Dixie Chicks came on.

Most of you know I have low twang tolerance but I do have a handful of country songs and singers I like. So as I rocked my girl, staring out the window at the next apartment building 10 feet away, and listened, especially to the lines:

I wanna look at the horizon
And not see a building standing tall

I wanna be the only one
For miles and miles
Except for maybe you
And your simple smile

that's it, my soul absolutely swooned and I became overwhelmed with a longing for Colorado. At that moment I was willing to walk out, leave everything (except Ed & the girls) behind and return to the most beautiful state in the union, and the home of the happiest years of my life. I couldn't believe how much I missed it. I can't believe that music can do that! It was wonderful and painful at the same time. Now it's on to another song and I've come down a bit but I felt like I would burst, so I just wanted to write about it.

What's the last song that made you feel that way?

*Other songs on the mix are:
Leather and Lace - Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

More - Bobby Daron
Kissing a Fool - George Michael

Treat Her Like a Lady - Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose
Kiss - Prince
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want - the Smiths
Something in the Way She Moves - James Taylor
Your Song - Elton John
Could You Lie and Say You Love Me Just a Little - Alison Krauss
I Want You Back - Jackson 5
Far and Away - Enya
(something by Elliott Smith)
In Your Wildest Dreams - Moody Blues
Forever and Ever Amen - Randy Travis (tolerable twang)
The Fourteenth of February - Billy Bragg
I Will - Alison Krauss
Angel Mine - Cowboy Junkies
It's Alright, Don't Think Twice - Joan Baez with the Indigo Girls
Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Enrique Iglesias with Whitney Houston


Maren said...

Yo- I got that. "Find the River" by REM. Every time. I am transported to a hot tour bus in the Sinai desert where I was listening to that song. The desert was so very, very empty and the song was so very, very full of visual images and smells and colors for me that it was an overwhelming contrast and a total multi-sensory experience (thanks to my synesthesia) of such a caliber that it will always stick with me.

Also "Mediterranean" by the Beautiful South. I'm suddenly swimming in the Med in Tel Aviv (1995). "Pictures of You" by The Cure: I'm 18 and Quinn has just left for Nova Scotia (1991). U2's "Walk On": I'm crying and depressed in Ankara (2002). U2's "Wild Honey": I'm driving the awesome I-280 from San Francisco to Palo Alto way too fast at night with Quinn (2001). There are lots of others- songs that make me stop in my tracks and just... swoon, I guess... yeah, the power of music.

Therese said...

Your "Cowboy Take Me Away" is my "Country Roads" by John Denver. The day after I returned to Australia from a trip visiting my family in Logan, Utah, "Country Roads" popped into my head, took me back and made me extremely homesick. Still does. Logan ain't West Virginia, but it's got plenty of country roads leading home.

"Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS takes me back to aftergame dances in the Old Boys' Gym at Logan High when all I wanted was for Tyler S. to ask me to dance (he never did).

"Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House takes me back to a party in Lisa Petersen's basement in seventh grade. Had a crush on Kevin W. and at the party, realized it was never going to happen.

"Always Something There to Remind Me." one of my all-time favorite songs. hadn't heard this one for ages, but it came on the radio tonight when I was driving home from the grocery store. Takes me back to the days of my youth, listening to KVNU radio--the source of my pop-music education.

"Night Swimming" by REM. The night Darin Friess let me drive his dad's Honda Prelude home from rehearsal for the school play he had this tape (tape!) playing.

Shells said...

Dave loves making mixes, and I have been the benefactor of that a couple of times. Once was while we were dating and once was shortly after we were married. On the compilation he gave me shortly after we were married he been on The Luckiest - he'll have to tell you by who. We would put it on and dance around our kitchen at the condo. On the last day I taught seminary I woke up late (the only time ever) and Dave made some comment that my pregnant, late frustrated self didn't take very well. I ran out the door just in time to say goodbye to seminary kids for the year. When I got home, Dave had left for work, but he had put The Luckiest in the CD player on repeat and left me a note. It was one of the many sweet things he has done for me and that song still gets me.

Maren said...

Wow- that is so sweet! Shells, you got a good one.

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