Monday, May 14, 2007

Sing Along with Disco Mom: Lullaby of Death

Hope the drama of the title drew you in...

It sounds like a lullaby, and I have been caught using it as one, but it's really about death, which I didn't realize for years. Kind of in a sweet way, though.
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Name the song title, band & album

Sing to me sweetly as I turn (1)____
(2)__ (3)__ (4)__, remembering
That the (5)____ and the rain
Played a part in that (6)_____ hour

And so as I (7)____ I too feel the power
Laying here under the (8)_____
Where (9)____ days before
I (10)____ in a summer shower

Diffulty level: Medium Hard


Shanda said...

Um...maybe I could play if you did musical theater. ;)

Shanda said...

This is like the movie line game that the Hickmans play and I am so bad at. Ahh well, it is fun to try.

Disco Mom said...

Shanda, I didn't know the Hickmans did quotes, but Younces sure do. I have to keep the music a little challenging for my brother and friends who stay really informed, but there will be easy ones, too - maybe a little theater will even sneak in...

dävid said...

who the h*ll are the connells? i mean, seriously.

Disco Mom said...

Are you serious? I would have expected at least you to know them, david!

Disco Mom said...

Ok, point taken, guys...I'll go a little easier...

Shanda said...

Maybe it is just Preston and Daniel that do the movie quotes. Considering I live with Preston I always hear "Shanda! What's this from" followed by some crazy movie quote from a movie I have never seen or one that I rapidly forgot.
I have gotten to know "Muppets from Space" since that is one of Preston's favorites to refrence. Pretty silly. :)

dave said...

Nice pick, Kari. I had to cheat a little, and listen to all my connells songs before I realized I knew it.

2,3,4 Lay me down
6, dreadful


so, as D-Pulse (I _can_ call you D-Pulse, yeah?) says, its the connells. Lay me down. my version would seem to be from the album "Fun & Games".

The part in the chorus about 'sun always shines, always on time' always trips me up when this song is in my head because (as already noted) i don't know the words that well and I drift into A-ha's 'Sun always shines on TV' if i'm not careful.

Disco Mom said...

I knew someone would love it! Ok, this one was really geared just towards dave. I was going to give up if he didn't get it. Well done. Having this song in my head on Saturday was actually what gave me the idea for the Sing Along series. I find the lyrics yes, poetic, but not quite logical. Such a pretty song, though, one of my favorites. Actually all of Fun & Games is my favorite.

Brett Weir said...

Listen to all your Connells songs? Ouch!

dävid said...

dave, who are you, and how did you know my lesser-known-moniker "d-pulse" ?

your blog is pretty cool, i like the word-diagrams you've got going on, what's the story there?

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