Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sing Along with Disco Mom: for the Simon-istas!

Inspired by Maren's claim to know lyrics to Paul Simon songs, I pulled out Negotiations & Love Songs - aah, what a nice collection. Please, sing along, if you can!

1. What are some of the ways to leave your lover?

2. After how long are "we" still crazy?

3. What is Rosie the Queen of? (Me and Julio...)

4. What did Paul Simon learn in high school? (Kodachrome)

5. What can I call you? (You Can Call Me Al)

6. What kind of bar was he underage in? And what did he step outside to smoke? (Late in the Evening)

7. Why should he be depressed? Where does paranoia strike? What is he blind to? (Have a Good Time)

8. "The nearer your ________, the more you're ____ _____ _____."

9. What happens when something goes wrong? When something goes right? (Something So Right)

* Of course it's cooler if you can do these out of your head, or at least from listening to the songs, but I can't stop you from looking up the lyrics on the internet. At least give it a try!


dave said...

this is tough for me.

1) just walk out the door, (dang, what name goes there), get on the bus, gus...

2) All these years?

3) Corona?

4) 'after all the things i learned in high school', right?

5) Freddie? anyway, you're my bodyguard, I'm your long lost pal.

6) don't know. surely not a gay bar?

7)don't know.

8)The nearer your toilet, the more you're gonna go potty.

9)don't know.

Maren said...

1. Just drop off the key, Lee. Make a new plan, Stan. Don't need to be coy, Roy, just get yourself free.
2. as Dave said.
3. ditto
4. crap
5. Betty
6. funky, jake
7. my life's a mess, deep in the heartland, the fate of mankind. ("God bless our standard of living" I love his sense of humor.)
8. destination, slip slidin' away
9. I'm the first to admit it, it's likely to lose me, apt to confuse me- it's such an unusual sight.

Disco Mom said...

Just walk out the door, Thor...

Disco Mom said...

Consider your fate, Nate...
Jump on a train, Lane...
Drive your new cars, Lars...
Flee to the hills, Nils...
Go to the port, Mort...
Pretend to be dead, Fred...

Any others?

dave said...

Get out of her den, Sven

They now have to be nordic names, yeah?

Davey said...

Hi, my name's Davey. I know Dave and have enjoyed your blog for a couple of days now. The lyrics stuff in particular have made me want to jump in, though the discusion of helping people move also really made me want to comment, even though I had to look up Elder Quorum (thanks for the Wiki link). So let this be the first time, but not the last that I comment in your blog.

6.) while the bar is indeed funky, Mr. Simon does not step outside to smoke himself a jake (slang for regular cig) as at that time you could smoke in a funky bar. He stepped outside to smoke himself a jay (slang for the wacky stuff).

My knowledge does extend beyond drugs and such, hopefully I'll get a chance to add to another comment thread soon.

Maren said...

Thanks, Davey. Never would have caught that one. :)

Just write her a letter, Peder
Stop looking forlorn, Bjorn
Give her the boot, Knut

Shells said...

My Dad is a Simon and Garfunkel fan, so I have listened to my fair share. I can already see I don't know many of these, but I will try to do it from memory.

1. Get on the bus Gus, no need to be Coy Roy, Just let it be Lee and set yourself free.
2. ?
3. Hearts?
4. No clue
5. No clue
6. No clue
7. No clue
8. far away
9. No clue

Maren said...

That might be because there's Simon & Garfunkel with their 58 songs (most of which Paul wrote), and then there's Paul Simon with a million others. Negotiations & Love Songs is a collection of some of his solo stuff from 1971-1986. I didn't know most of it when I got the CD in the late 80's, but it didn't take long to appreciate his stuff.

dävid said...

you guys are forgetting some.

just slip out the back jack
make a new plan stan
don't need to be coy roy

just listen to me

hop on the bus gus
don't need to discuss much
just drop off the key lee, and get yourself free

my submissions:
(warning, violence, which i do not endorse only write for comedic purposes)

kick her in the shin, jin (korean)
thump her on the head, fred
slap her in the mug, doug

tell her in an email, dale
write it on your blog, dog
say it when you cuss, russ
spread a good rumor, homer

Disco Mom said...

OK, Maren got the most right, except for Davey's correction to #6. I admit I was looking forward to showing off my knowledge of drug slang by correcting her myself. But anyone who claims to enjoy my blog is ok by me, so I forgive you Davey. Dave got a few, and partial credit for truth of #8 but it's not the line at all.
It turns out that Mr. Simon could have used our help in "50 Ways". I mean, is being coy really a way to leave your lover? C'mon, Roy. So keep submitting them if they occur to you and if we ever reach 50 I'll post the list. They don't have to be Nordic but isn't that interesting that they do lend themselves to this exercise...

Davey said...

hee hee. Dave pointed me to this webcomic called xkcd. And then I found this and thought of all of you.

Disco Mom said...

That's an especially nice one, Davey. Way to make connections among your blogs.

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