Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sing Along with Disco Mom: Fun with Colors

So how about if I make Sing Along a little more fun for everyone this time? I guess I'm still on an 80's kick because we're doing Pretty in Pink. Love the movie, love the song - the Psychedelic Furs got the whole tone of the movie and the era just right with their title tune. But when I think of the song, I can kind of get the melody going but for the life of me, the only actual words I can conjure up are:

"Isn't she...pretty in pink?"

Don't know what comes before, after, beginning, end. All I can do is la-la-la the rest of it.

1) So, without looking it up anywhere even if it's killing you, can anyone come up with some other real lines from the song? Can anyone actually put several lines in order? Your reward is a virtual Hershey's kiss tossed to you and my deepest respect.

2) Also without cheating (by looking them up), what other color song titles can we come up with? I'll get us started with:
Purple Rain by Prince
Black Balloon by Goo-goo Dolls

(Extra points if you can get titles with colors beyond the 8 basics..like fushia or cerulean.)

Difficulty level: Easy-ish


Obviously no one knows the lyrics to "Pretty in Pink" so I looked them up and here they are. They make no sense and don't really go with the movie, either, so it's no wonder no one knows them.

Caroline laughs and
It's raining all day
She loves to be one of the girls
She lives in the place
In the side of our lives
Where nothing is
Ever put straight
She turns herself round
And she smiles and she says
'This is it'

'That's the end of the joke'
And loses herself
In her dreaming and sleep
And her lovers walk
Through in their coats

Pretty in pink
Isn't she?
Pretty in pink
Isn't she?

All of her lovers
All talk of her notes
And the flowers
That they never sent
And wasn't she easy
And isn't she
Pretty in pink
The one who insists
He was first in the line
Is the last to
Remember her name
He's walking around
In this dress
That she wore
She is gone
But the joke's the same

Pretty in pink
Isn't she?
Pretty in pink
Isn't she?

Caroline talks to you
Softly sometimes
She says
'I love you' and
'Too much'
She doesn't have anything
You want to steal
Nothing you can touch
She waves
She buttons your shirt
The traffic
Is waiting outside
She hands you this coat
She gives you her clothes
These cars collide

Pretty in pink
Isn't she?
Pretty in pink
Isn't she?


Shanda said...

OK Kari...here is what I have so far for the songs with colors in the title. (I think all of them are titles but if not they are at least songs)

Red Red Wine
We all live in a Yellow Submarine
Its not easy being Green
Blue skies
Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the old oak tree

Shanda said...

Preston said...

99 Red Balloons

Maren said...

Yeah, I can't do a thing with the pink song. I even saw the movie- in the theater. (I think it was up at the University Mall.) As for colors: off the top of my head I come up with Lemon (U2), Raspberry Barret (Prince), White Wedding (Billy Idol), Blue suede shoes (Elvis). I'm sure I'll think of more right after I post this.

Shanda said...

Goldfinger - it is a movie and a song :)

Shells said...

1)I think it is a trick question, I remember them as pretty much just saying Isn't she... pretty in pink over and over again.

2) Other songs with colors in the titles (I am terrible at naming artists so most of these will be sans singers):
Black Hole Sun by Sound Garden(?)
The Man in Black (Johnny Cash - is it a song too, or just a reference to him?)
Blue Moon (an oldie, not sure by who)
Pink Cadillac
Fields of Gold
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Wizard of Oz)

Maren said...

... Orange Crush (REM), Yellow Bird (Chris Isaak, also Esso Steel Band), Little Red Corvette (Prince), Red Dirt Girl (Emmylou Harris), Silver Bells (MoTab), Blue Light Red Light (Harry Connick Jr), Fields of Gold, Desert Rose, The Dream of the Blue Turtles (Sting), The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine, Leaves That Are Green (Simon & Garfunkle), Black & White (Sarah McLachlan), Rose-colored Times (Lisa Loeb), Her Mantle So Green, Black Boys on Mopeds, Red Football (Sinead O'Connor), My Old Friend The Blues (The Proclaimers), Monochrome (The Sundays), Nights in White Satin (The Moody Blues) ....

Shanda said...

Wow Maren! Let me just say I am very impressed! My list looks so lame next to yours! And I have yet to think of any more.

Disco Mom said...

Maren, are you sure you didn't cheat? Leave it to the artist...

Shells, I'm sorry to say I'm disappointed! I purposely DIDN'T name "Brown-Eyed Girl" just so you could!

White Room by Cream
Lady in Red by WHO KNOWS?
Little Pink Houses by John C. Mellencamp

Keep them coming!!!

dävid said...

ha, lady in red is by chris der berge, or something like that.

yoshimi battles the pink robots - the flaming lips
yellow submarine - the beatles
white light, white heat - velvet underground
silverline - m. ward
silver street - ben folds
red red red - fiona apple
red oyster cult - guster
red rabbits - the shins
pretty pink ribbon - cake
pink moon - nick drake

the list could go on and on... pasted from itunes

Maren said...

I started going, and then I checked some of the CDs I have (for spelling purposes) and gathered a few more. The Prince songs are from memory- I own no Prince, nor TAFKasP.

kingfoote said...

I have some big hitters. both Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald perform a song called Azure does that count twice? They are two different songs. Duke Ellington also has sepia panorama or pano-something but sepia is the first word, he does magenta haze & torquoise cloud as well. Mood Indigo by Dave Grusin. Then I have crimson & clover, but I can't think of the artist, I think its one of those that has been sung by everyone at some point. Thats all the big pointers I can think of but then there is serenade in Blue & little Brown Jug by Glen Miller, greenback by Ray Charles, Pink by Aerosmith. What about Working in a coal mine, I don't know the artist, its an oldie but Coal is a color of Crayon does that count?

Disclosure - I may or may not have spelled any or all of those words correctly, but I think I should get bonus points if I did.


Disco Mom said...

Foote, here's how your points break down:
- major massive points for getting alternative colors like crimson, azure and sepia, especially after so many people have already commented. Yes, Azure counts twice.
- bonus points for mostly correct spelling (whoops - turquoise...)
- one demerit for Working in a Coal Mine since "coal" is not used as a color in the song title. I could be persuaded if it were "charcoal" since that's a more common color name, but it wouldn't quite work in the song.

kingfoote said...

I just thought about White Christmas, I can't believe that one hasn't come up already. Also Elvis has Blue Christmas

Maren said...

Wow, Foote.
I think there must be a million songs with blue and red in the titles since they are such emotive colors. Those lyrics to Pretty in Pink are a bit odd. If you had posted the verses without the chorus, I'd never have guessed the title. But I'm not that good at remembering song lyrics anyway- unless it's by Paul Simon.

Shells said...

OK, I missed Brown Eyed Girl, but I will now add Brown Eyed Handsome man, an oldie. I think it is the same guy who sang Roller Derby Girl... I am so terrible at this.

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