Monday, August 06, 2012

Summer Fun Club 15 and 16

Even though we'd cleaned it up a month earlier, the office had imploded by the end of July, and for the most part we'd stopped even going in there.  But last week I took a deep breath, dove in, and cleaned it up again.  Which is how Ginger noticed all the baskets in this unit...

...and remembered that the lower right one holds all our Play-Doh stuff.

15 - Play-Doh.  Not much more to say.  They just rolled, shaped, and played all afternoon with the stuff. 

16 -  Shrinky Dinks.  Did you ever do these as a child?  I bought some "shrink film" from Michael's and fine sandpaper (you have to roughen it to use colored pencils on it), and we gave it a go with some friends.

It was fun but not the most traditionally successful project we've done.  Even though I laid a top layer of parchment on the pieces, they curled up pretty severely in the heat, and never straightened back out.  Oh, well.

This fine specimen was our best finished piece, with a hole in the top to make it a Christmas ornament.  

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