Tuesday, September 03, 2013

PeeWees: The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear (week 2)

From PeeWee mom Shaunel (very last PeeWee class)...
It's hard to imagine our weeks without PeeWees. It sure has been great to watch these kids mature and grow and become the best of friends.
We continued The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear this week.

Opening: Same wooden cutting food and thumb tacks. I was surprised how well both kept their attention, despite the repeat. The thumb tacks were much easier a second time around.
Circle: They sang the stand up song really well all by themselves (in honor of the last time). I love how they all do something silly during their stand up turn. So 3-year-old-ish :)
We tacked strawberries to the bulletin board as we counted. 14 and 15 were totally successful!!
We read the book, then I read them my version of The Little Pee Wees, the Giant Peach and the Big Hungry Bear. Poppy was the only who really understood the humor, everyone else kept asking what my drawings were of.
Snack: I had a bowl of fruit (peaches bananas strawberries) to try and get their brain ready to pick a fruit for their own story. They each chose a piece of fruit and then cut it in two, and shared half. We did 2 or 3 rounds and then we all made PB&J to cut into 4 pieces. I wanted them have a very basic intro to fractions. 4 people? How do we cut this into four equal parts?

Activity: I have a cute little "Bear Hunt" song from Westover, so we went on a bear hunt a couple of times--I had planned to also read the book, but ran out of time.
Art: Each of the kids then picked what fruit they would pick if they were in the story (Bodie and Jackson initially picked a car, but changed their mind by book time). We re-read my version of the homemade book, and then I gave them all their own to start illustrating. They each put their initial on the front and then picked a fruit. Some were much more into this than others (like normal), but Henry was fascinating. He kept stopping, and would pick up his book and read it saying "Dear Henry, I love you... (I can't remember what else)." He was the only one who really had the narrative idea down.
After most people were done, we went to "read" our books to each other. After Henry read his, I helped a few others tell the story, but then the kids took off and made up their own little stories. Very exciting.

Activity: We ended by going outside to play "No Bears are out Tonight"--an old night game from my youth where the "bear" hides and then runs out to tag someone while everyone else is singing the song. Of course, there was much screaming, rolling and tackling. They were adorable.

Afterward we said our goodbye chant and Moms came.
I was horrible with pictures. Glad Kari got a good group shot at the end.


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