Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PeeWee Field Trip: Monuments

 Just catching up on back PeeWee posts so I don't have them hanging out there while I try to muster up the time and energy to blog this year's homeschool experiment...

Accidentally knocked the camera into manual focus mode...and failed to focus.

This field trip happened back in March so I'm a big fuzzy on the details, but it went with the book Clifford Goes to Washington.  Ironically, my kindergartener had a monuments field trip planned for the same day, but we got an early morning phone call telling us it was postponed because of the rain.  She was devastated so I called her in absent, and brought her along on our field trip.  PeeWees aren't afraid of a little rain!

We parked near the Lincoln Memorial and walked over, and up those many slippery steps.

Checked out the reflecting pool and Washington Monument from the top.

Lisa was always so good about bringing the book and connecting it to our field trips. 

After Lincoln, we wandered over to the Korean War Memorial, which is close by.  It was raining harder so I'd put my camera away for that part.  Aah, cherry blossoms were out!

On the way back to the cars, we visited this much-climbed upon Einstein sculpture at the Academy of Sciences.

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