Tuesday, July 09, 2013

SFC #2 Porcelain Owls (2013)

Summer Fun Club continues its riproaring 2013 season with cousin fun!  This is the first year our nearest cousins have not been in daycamp/childcare in the summer, so we can get together and play more often during weekdays.  In preparation, my sister-in-law Michelle broke out her laminator, with which she and her kids made their own SFC badges, and also placed a summer-sized order with Oriental Trading Company, ensuring fun to last all summer.

One of the things she got was a crate of porcelain owls.  A trip to the paint aisle at Michael's, and SFC is ready to launch.

...after which there was wrestling, outdoor play, and general cousin shenanigans. 

1 comment:

Shells said...

The owls and kids were so dang cute!

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