Friday, July 12, 2013

SFC #5 DOUBLE FUN (2013)

We had back-to-back fun planned today - a yard water play party in the morning our PeeWee friends had invited us to, followed by going to the pool in our friend Kate's neighborhood.

Unfortunately, we woke up this morning to 72 degrees and rain.  But we've got friends that roll with it.  Double water fun turned into double other fun. 

The morning party turned into an awesome creek walk, complete with popcorn, throwing rocks, and a hot dog lunch.  Awesome!

The afternoon pool party turned into bowling, what could be better?

As we rolled home at 4pm, happy but exhausted, I let the girls know Saturday would be a chore day.  It's sad, but amazingly the house doesn't clean itself in the same way it seems to dirty itself.  Bills, cleaning, and laundry must get done so we can rock another week of Summer Fun Club!

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