Thursday, May 30, 2013

PeeWees: Firefighters

From PeeWee mom Lisa...

I choose to do two short books – Firefighters to the Rescue and Corduroy Goes to the Fire Station. The first one focuses on what fireman do – put out fires, rescue people, etc. The second one focuses on the fire station, fireman’s clothes, types of fire trucks, etc. I thought that together, they gave a fuller picture for the PeeWees to relate.
Free time was a fire truck with building blocks. Three of them would build a building while one of them was in charge of the fire truck who needed to respond to the building fire. They each took a turn and did a great job sharing.

Circle time – We sang the stand up song, did fireman jumping jacks to the ABC’s, then we went into Bodie’s room and everyone took turns climbing the “fireman” ladder as we counted to 20. We then went back into the circle and read the two short books. 

Snack time – Snack was a fireman’s ax sandwich (that ax cookie cutter came in handy again!), fireman’s water to drink, a licorice fireman’s hose, and a pretzel fireman’s ladder. I showed them a pretzel ladder and put out a pile of pretzel sticks. Each of them worked on their own ladder (it’s funny to see their different styles in this type of activity – notice Bodie has no sides to his ladder and Henry had 10 pretzels perfectly lined up on his ladder)

Craft – Five fireman fighting a fire done with a hand print. They did outstanding following directions here b/c they needed to put one hand in the paint, then wash their hand off, then return to the table, color the faces, and glue them on. Very good listening.

Activity Part I – We made fireman hats out of paper plates.

Circle time – I did this before the activity part II because I knew it would take up too much time to get coats and shoes on, do the activity, and come back in. We reviewed the day’s activities and books. Then we put on shoes and coats and headed outside.

Activity Part II – Stop, Drop, and Roll. We practiced this about 5 times. Next we did the Fireman’s obstacle course (b/c fireman need to exercise to stay strong). We “zig zagged” through the course, around the Frisbee, jumped over the baseball bat and then back to the fence. Zig zag was definitely a new concept. We practiced as a group and then they each got to do it one at a time. It varied on if they could remember how to zig zag. I think this type of skill is a fun thing to work on, especially as the weather warms up.

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