Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PeeWees: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (week 2)

Again from Shaunel (again Poppy was absent)...

We had another lovely day of coconut tree-ing.

Play Time:
It took me forever to figure out how to create a coconut tree to repeat the monkey balancing act from last week (without having to hold the hanger), but right before the kids came I remembered my music stand! It was a perfect coconut tree and the monkey letters climbed up and balanced all over the place. We also did our letter puzzle again and worked with the Zimbbo blocks--again focusing on balancing.

Circle Time:
After "Stand up," we sang the ABC song. I then passed out the ABC cards, and we put them in order while singing the song, and then counted the cards. Jackson and I are going to keep working on 14 and 15. It is not sticking in his brain. We read the story, and then kids all filled in a lot of the phrases, which was so fun!

Snack Time:
They got peanut butter letters on their plates that they put raisins all over. We then all tried some shredded coconut--which none of the boys really appreciated. Then, we each got bananas and school boy letter cookies from TJ's to dip into our peanut butter and coconut. I also read them Dr. Seuss' ABC book while we ate.

We did more initial stenciling this week. First with Markers, then free handing with markers, then with water color. I was thrilled with their freehand letters which improved a lot even from last week! Henry's was the most colorful for sure--with Bodie's being the most black :)

Activity #1:
We then went up stairs to put together an alphabet chart of objects I had collected. We divided up the objects, and then said the word and tried to figure out what letter pouch the object went in. I knew this could be a stretch, so it was more of an introduction into sounds. We said the word, made the sound and then I told them the letter (since no one was guessing letters), then they had to find the letter on the chart. They did a great job at that.

Activity #2:
We tried making shaving cream letters. My friend did this with her Kindergartners and I always wanted to try it. I think I'll have to try it again next year--might have been a little soon for these kids, but it was sure fun to try. What a sensory motor overload. They loved swishing it around and making circles and lines. Even Henry didn't mind the texture on his fingers! My basement definitely smells like men now. Potent stuff!

Re-read the book, and king konged.

Fun day!   

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