Thursday, April 05, 2012

Weekend at the Cabin

 You might remember this post about my parents' cabin in West Virginia.  We do try to get out there a couple times a year, but it can be hard to get all our schedules free enough to do it.  Luckily, this spring break we went for broke and spent a few days in practically-unplugged peace and fresh air.
 I wouldn't immediately say, "There's so much to do at the Cabin!"  but my girls would.  Even though it's been at least half a year since our last visit, they rattled off a surprisingly long list of all the must-do's.
Go to "the beach"
Play in the treehouse
Fill the bird feeders
Make s'mores
Swing on the hammock
Hike down "Bottles & Bones", a trail my Mom named
Ride the golf cart
Ride "Grandpa's motorcycle" (ATV)
Pick flowers
Play with the toys downstairs (a collection of mismatched toys saved from our 80's childhood, with a few thrift store additions)

Could you die?  When I heard their list, my perspective shifted like a gear, and I saw the natural playground my parents always intended it to be for their grandchildren.  And it is. 
The treehouse at dusk

Those hills to the east are called the Seven Sisters

 So much running.  So much laughing.  So much for creative minds to enjoy.

On the treehouse steps

The redbuds were in bloom, and my amateur inner photographer went wild

Last year at Christmas Ginger said she wanted a toy tractor "just like Grandpa's."  So my Dad hunted down an exact toy replica, same color, same brand, on ebay, and gave it to her.  She cherishes it.

Ginger has had terrible allergies this spring, so I worried about taking her out where there would be nothing but nature, and no air conditioning for relief, but in fact they didn't bother her one bit all weekend, her watery eyes only returning when we got back home.  

 Not to say she didn't cry; she wouldn't be Ginger if she didn't.  It just wasn't because of allergies.

Fire pit

Building sand castles at "the beach", a just-the-right-size sandy spot.  My Mom keeps a stash of buckets and shovels for year-round sandy fun.

As usual, we hated to leave, and everyone wants to know when we can go back again.  We love the cabin!

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tona said...

I love the cabin too! Great pictures.

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