Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring is at Our Door

This is our front door.
 How do you like our dried flower wreath?  People have asked me if I made it, but I got it at Home Goods.

I thought it would look nice.  Springy.  People do that, have spring wreaths on their doors.  I was making an effort.  And that's the last time I'll do that.  Does it...remind you of anything?

It reminded someone.  Turns out a sparrow decided to come make a nest between the wreath and our door.  Apparently she didn't mind the disturbance of our comings and goings, and apparently we didn't notice anything going on until one day she flew away as we opened the door, and we saw this:

And then we saw this:

Five little birds's eggs on our front door!  It's what one might call...a situation.
 It's a little freaky to have a sparrow fly off the door every time we open from inside or approach from outside.  Especially once when I came home late at night and woke her up.  Neither of us relished the encounter.

So today Ed put on his gardening gloves and moved the wreath to the closest non-door hook location.

We hope this is OK with Mrs. Sparrow and that she won't abandon the nest.  We couldn't really go on the way things were, especially with the prospect of live chicks in the nest.  In the wreath.  On our door.

So while folks and neighbors pass by our house and wonder why there's a wreath on our light, they will undoubtedly assume we are setting the latest trends in curb appeal, perhaps even rushing home to follow suit.  Only you, and I, and our little sparrow family, will know the truth. 
It's because spring was a little too close for comfort.  It was literally knocking at our door.


Our family said...

Super cute story!

The Henrich Family said...

what a treat, lucky you! Here's to happy hatching...

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