Monday, September 26, 2011

Cox Farm

 Last month the Younces moved back to Virginia after three years in England.  That's my brother Dave, his wife Michelle, and their three (and a half) wonderful kids.  This week is Dave's birthday, so we all spent Saturday together at the Cox Farms Fall Festival, then had dinner and a party at their house.  Brothers, sisters-in-law and especially cousins are the BEST!

 I think Dave probably didn't know I was going to post this picture (below.)  But I think it's great he had the confidence to be the only adult in a line of kids for the rope swing.  There are several pictures of Dave in this post.  He needs to know it's just all part of living close to us.  I also hope to take, and post, pics of him in his kilt when we go to the Renaissance Festival in October. 
 E totally found an injured butterfly at the bottom of the slide and was able to pick it up and hold it for a few seconds before it half-flitted off!

On the hay ride, which Dave's kids loved and my kids were varying degrees of scared.  Kind of sums up the differences there.  But Dave was great and held Ginger on his lap and got her to laugh at the scary stuff. 
 Ginger on one of the many huge slides.  I was so impressed, she went on all the slides like the other big kids, and some of them are massive (the slides, not the kids.)  Last year she was much more timid and afraid, this year she is truly a big kid.  And when I say things like that to her, she puffs up proud and says, "I know.  I'm like a FIVE-year-old!" 

 Speaking of being a big kid, she has finally come around to wearing jeans - she never would before.  But it's great because we had about 6 pairs of jeans in the fall clothes bin in her size, so her shopping is already done.  All day on Saturday I just watched her an marveled at how much she has grown up in the last 6 months. 

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Shells said...

Wow - I can't believe the top pic turned out as great as it did! We had a blast and it is sure nice to live close to family. This is the first time for us living next to any cousins, so our kids are pretty thrilled every time we get together.

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