Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Art Tuesday: Different Paints

Now that we are into fall and all of its inherent busy-ness, Art Tuesday is done...but I am behind on posting them so I have at least three more to show you. And we had so much fun with it this summer we are trying a modified schedule of every other week in the fall. (Even though it won't be on Tuesdays anymore I am still calling it that. It has just taken on a nice sound to me.)

So this time around we showed the kids how two kinds of paints can differ - watercolor and acrylic. Watercolor is thinner, and to vary the shade you add more or less water.
This time the toddlers even took an interest and got to paint with some water.
We painted postcards.

Next up, acrylic paints. Nice ones.Acrylics are much thicker, and to vary shades you add white or black to them, though that also changes the color a bit. We painted canvases this time.

Sometimes it's just nice to say, "Here, here's some paints and brushes - just enjoy how they feel!"

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Carol Younce said...

In a painting class my teacher had us do an exercise where the rules are to get the paint onto the paper using anything but a brush. So people could go around their house during the week and bring in things to use- feathers, sponges, toothbrushes, toothpicks, Q tips, forks, pencils and erasers, fabric, pipe cleaners, shoelaces, popsicle sticks. We had some great pictures going that day. Some did finger painting too.

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