Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Other Quilts

Thanks for all the enthusiasm over Poppy's quilt. Mom did all the work and I took all the credit. In response to popular demand, here are pictures of the other girls' quilts.

For Ginger's quilt, we debated between a city park and a fruit stand, both somewhat representative of our life at the time in Brooklyn, NY. In the end we went for the park because we spent our whole lives at the park. Note the paths, the green patches, the fence around, and the activities both inside and outside the fence.
Detail: boat pond
Detail: sandbox, swingset and jump-ropers

Detail: fire engines and apartment building outside the fence (I love this art deco material and I think a piece of it was used in Poppy's quilt too)

The back is a vintage schoolhouse ABC print.

Gorgeous, right? Now Hazel's. I asked for a graded water scene in blues and purples. See how it's sky at the top and deep ocean at the bottom. I am so soothed every time I look at this quilt.

Detail: starfish in contrasting colors at the bottom

Detail: massive but somewhat camouflaged mariner's compass in the middle

Detail: I love this seagull fabric that comes in a few times near the top. Many of the other fabrics have fish, waves and water stain looks to them.

The back is this yummy watery batik -
I just want to wrap myself in it!
Also gorgeous, no? My mom is amazing. And I love how the girls each have totally unique and especially-for-them quilts from her.


kat said...

your mom's quilts are truly amazing. i love all the great fabrics. so much better than the selection at my local handcocks - not that i could come even close to these works of art!

GR82BAMOM said...

What a talented mama you have! Extraordinary quilts! So lovely!

Mia said...

Those are so incredible. Works of art! I love them.

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