Monday, August 23, 2010

Kindergarten Diaries: The Walk

We're adjusting to our new life with kindergarten. You wouldn't think it's too big a deal. Or rather, people who have never been through this might not think it's a big deal. But for us it's very big and there is a lot of adjusting taking place. New theme on the blog.

We live too close to the school for bussing so walking it is. Some days we drive but only if I have somewhere to go right after. It's not actually any faster or more convenient because street parking is a premium so we park a few blocks away, get three kids out of seat belts, walk there, back to the car, back in seat belts, etc. So most days we walk.

Within the first week we got drenched no less than three times on the walk home; school gets out at prime thunderstorm time. I will be investing in some good rain boots or shoes for myself - any suggestions? They need to have good arch support and lots of padding. Oh, how I digress; my foot issues are a whole separate thing.

As you saw, we recently got the girls new scooters. And they're great. The girls got the hang of it really fast and once we trained Ginger to use her brake instead of jumping off at full speed, dragging her foot, or crashing into the bushes, we have serious mobility. So most days they ride their scooters and Poppy goes in the stroller.

The walk is gently downhill to school and gently uphill back. Ginger can't quite make it back on the scooter so about halfway she gets off and rides in the stroller the rest of the way home. So on the way home in the morning this is what we look like:
Two kids, two scooters, two helmets.

We are truly a spectacle but at least I finally figured a good way to hang the scooters on the stroller. It took about two weeks and I went from most awkward (two scooters balanced across the top, falling off both sides and bonking me in the face) to least (as pictured), but I think we have it down. On thundery days we also bring the rain cover.

And it didn't take long to also start including a first aid kit. Both girls have seriously scraped-up knees from minor scooter falls (hitting a bump or stick or one time a Dr. Pepper can in the middle of the sidewalk - awesome.) Ginger was getting so scraped up she was just opening up old wounds every day so we finally started putting knee pads on her. Just one more thing.

A word about my stroller. It is FABULOUS. We have the Phil & Ted's, whatever was before the one that came out in 2007. The sheer mileage and abuse it has endured for us over 3 1/2 years is a testament to its quality and design. Love it, recommend it to anyone. Worth every cent.

And look at this. It's called the Mommy Hook - my sister got it for us when Poppy was born. As you can see, it's just a massive padded caribener and oh, how I could have used a couple of these in New York!!! It's so useful - on our walk I hang my keys, a hair elastic, and my water bottle on it so they are all handily in reach. Also if Hazel is scooting I hang her backpack and lunchbox on it as well. Super totally handy.

I mentioned we were a spectacle, right? Practically a full-blown entourage. But this gentle-but-not-insignificant walk is probably just what I need to bridge the gap from baby recovery to considering-getting-back-in-shape. I'll be so happy when the cooler fall weather comes, but for now,um, I'm adjusting.


Josh Healy said...

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Shells said...

I love the mommy hook!

GR82BAMOM said...

Those knees look just like Liam's, with the addition of a couple of little bruises. Ouchie!

Lindsay said...

I'm bracing myself for some major adjustment when Garrett starts preschool this fall. It'll be good, but it'll definitely take some getting used to.

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