Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ginger Sue! (Take Two)

Yesterday the Munchkinator Missy Sue turned 2 years old. Yeah, a year's worth has happened since her last birthday and she has certainly grown and changed but I clearly remember writing her 1st birthday blog post and it just seems more recent than a year ago. But enough sentimentalizing.

The day started off with a very grumpy birthday girl who didn't get enough sleep, unimpressed with well wishes, Happy Birthday singing, even chocolate chip smiley face pancakes.
In the morning we dropped Hazel at preschool and went to the gym, only to find out there had been a water main break and the Kidz Klub was closed until Monday. So we spent a leisurely morning browsing through World Market, which I have carefully avoided for the budget's sake since moving here, and then hit Party Depot for helium balloons, birthday candles, and cupcake sprinkles. Ginger brightened right up in the party store - lots of colorful and exciting things for a 2-year-old to oogle at, so she didn't even mind riding in the cart.

We picked up Hazel from school, and when we got home the weather was so nice - sunny in the high 40's - that I grabbed my camera for a few birthday shots. How she's grown!

After lunch Ginger took a nap and Hazel and I baked cupcakes. Duncan Hines makes a "cupcake mix" that's smaller than a cake mix and only makes 12 cupcakes. Bang-for-buck it's a rip-off but when you'd just as well prefer to have fewer cupcakes around the house, it's perfect for a 2-year-old's birthday. When Ginger woke up I whippped up some serious pink buttercream frosting, and we got out all the decorations - mini chocolate chips, red hots, and sprinkles galore. Not surprisingly, cupcake decorating was my favorite part of the whole day.

In the evening Grandma & Grandpa came over and the girls could hardly contain their excitement for the birthday party. There was lemon spaghetti, shrimp fra diavolo and jello salad for dinner. And of course you know what dessert was.

Here's Ginger holding up two fingers, kinda.
After dessert she opened presents - adorable! There was a flannel Diego pillowcase Nana made, some plastic magic wands, Little People, and more. The toy cupcakes were especially a big hit, and have already increased our opportunities to practice sharing.

In a way I can't believe she's two but mostly I can. Everybody says, "She's already two? Wow, goes fast, doesn't it?" I smile agreeably and say, "Yeah, it sure does." But the honest answer is no, it doesn't. It seems like a half a lifetime since she was born, and frankly I'm glad to be through with the baby stuff for awhile, though she's still in diapers. Having a kid who walks and talks and entertains herself and is full of personality is fabulous, and having two is even better. Happy Birthday, Ginger Sue! We love you!


cherry said...

Oh Kari i miss her...she's grown fast..i can not forget that single time i spent with her and she's just so entertaining and fun to be i regret living so far from you when you were here!!COME BACK GINGER SUE!!COME BACK HAZEL!!!

tona said...

Her bedhead in the cupcake-decorating photo is my favorite. She's the best.

(Your silver chargers are festive!)

GR82BAMOM said...

"Happy, happy birthday, Ginger dear; happy days will come to you all year. If we had one wish, then it would be: A happy, happy birthday to you from The Motzings!"

I can't believe your Ginger and my Liam are 2 years old already. Time flies when you're having fun, and they are so much fun, aren't they?! My Liam is still the picky eater and he's still in diapers, too, but we're hoping to work on the potty training soon.

Glad you guys had a fun party.

Lindsay said...

She is looking so grown up these days! My, my! Happy birthday, Ginger! You couldn't have picked a more perfect day to have been born. :)

(P.S. Thank you, Kari, for the awesome b-day gift...I'll be thanking you more formally later, but I wanted to let you know I happily received it.)

MiaKatia said...

Happy Birthday Ginger!!! That looked like a perfect birthday to me.

Just Katy said...

Happy Birthday to Ginger! Man, she has the MOST awesome hair.

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