Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chocolate Alert: Moving to the Dark Side

Got your attention? Good.

I love chocolate - this much we already knew. I was really a milk chocolatier, though, until a few years ago. The transition has been slow, but I've really come to love...ok, need, a much stronger chocolate-to-sweetness ratio, and dark is the answer. I think the whole country is moving in that direction as well because this week I discovered, to my drooling delight, three American (and personal) favorites have gone dark:

3 Musketeers Mint - Dark chocolate on the outside and white minty fluff on the inside, the same texture as the original. Similar to a peppermint patty but lighter texture and slightly milder mint flavor - thumbs up.

Dark M&M's & Dark Peanut M&M's - I knew about dark m&m's as of last fall, not sure when they came out. Yum. But I just discovered dark peanut m&m's, and devoured the bag more quickly than I care to admit. Wish I'd gotten a bigger bag. Double yum yummy yum-o.

Snickers Dark - This came out in "limited edition" over the winter - I bought it at Rite Aid, and when I realized how delicious it was I went back and they were sold out, with no idea if they'd get more - after all, limited edition. But yesterday I saw it on the candy rack next to the other snickers, and this time the wrapper did not say limited edition. Holy Chocolate Utopia, Batman! It's here to stay.

This message has been brought to you by Disco Mom, always concerned if you are getting enough chocolate.


Davey said...

For my money, Milky Way Midnight is teh awesomist.

It's a S'mores but with Dark Chocolate. So good, I avoid the candy isle at all costs, becuase they leap into my mouth and make me eat them.

Jenifuz said...

I love any and all chocolate!!! Right now I'm loving tootsie rolls! Those would be good in dark chocolate too!!!

Preston said...

I am glad you have finally come over to the dark side there is no other place to be....dark chocolate is the best.

Shells said...

I am a dark chocolate girl myself. My family always left the special darks behind in the candy assortment bag, so I claimed them for me. Haven't seen the Peanut M&Ms, but I will buy out the store the first time I do, I LOVE dark chocolate and peanuts. Another thing we recently tried is Hershey's Special dark covered almonds. Delish.

kat said...

shut up! dark mint 3 muskateers? and i call myself a chocoholic?! i second davey with the 'i'm not worthy' to the midnight milky way. i prefer bite-sized, because then i can eat them throughout the day, instead of pretending i can make a big one last longer than 3 seconds.

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