Monday, June 11, 2007

Sing Along with Disco Mom: Alternative Scrambles

I recently watched the movie Music and Lyrics - not too bad as far as romantic comedies go. It was no French Kiss or Say Anything but they can't all be. Hugh Grant plays an "80's Has-Been", a former pop star who now does gigs at amusement parks and 80's high school reunions. It got me thinking about some of my high school favorites, though it was really the early 90's for me. Through the influence of friends I fell in love with alternative music and so tonight we are paying homage to my four foundational cornerstones of alternative:

Depeche Mode (DM)

The Smiths (TS)

re (ER)

The Cure (CU)

Below are scrambled song titles from these guys, from the late 80's to early 90's era. Only my favorites, only the best. These guys are the very best! It's hard to imagine David Gahan, Robert Smith or Morrissey doing the Class of '93 Robinson reunion - they've all had a little more musical staying power than that. Though that is one way to get me to go to a reunion.

It would be fun to do another singalong where we look at secondary and tertiary alternative bands, the weight-bearing beams and flying buttresses. Most of them can probably trace their influences back to these four. But that is for another day.

Can you unscramble:

  1. ptso (ER)
  2. hctca (CU)
  3. eeloppraeppolee (3 words - DM)
  4. fidigrrlne ni a maoc (TS)
  5. rlatepclria rigl (CU)
  6. stju atcn etg nhuoge (DM)
  7. emrceyet gstea(TS)
  8. het ectrpfe lrig (CU)
  9. htiyergvne osnctu (DM)
  10. elvo ot eath uyo (ER)
  11. who noso si won (TS)
  12. noplignsa (CU)
  13. pish fo slofo (ER)

OK, I can take a hint! They were too hard so here's the easier version, broken up into separate words, except for #3 which any DM fan should get.


dave said...

sorry, it's been a busy week. to make it up to you, i'll play another game on top of yours:

1. ! stand there where you are, before you go too far; before you make a fool out of love
2. i used to sometimes try to catch her
3. so why should it be? you and I should get along so awfully
4. I know, I know, it's serious.
5. catacatacatacatacatapiller girl
6. when i'm with you baby, i go out of my head. I used to think it started with "When I read the paper, i go out of my head" but that doesn't make any sense.
7.Keats and Yeats are on your side, but Wilde is on mine
8. the perfect girl? I don't think i know that one actually.
9. the grabbing hands grab all they can, everything counts in large amounts.
10.And the lovers that you sent for me didn't come with any satisfaction guaranteed. So i'll return them to the sender, and the note attached will read... shut your mouth, how can you say i go about things the wrong way?
12. uh oh, plainsong has no lyrics.
13.ship of fools, but i can't sing it in my head right now after all those others

Maren said...

people are people
girlfriend in a coma
catapiller girl
just can't get enough
cemetery gates
the perfect girl
everything counts
love to hate you
how soon is now (?)
plainsong (personal fave)
ship of fools

Disco Mom said...

Nicely done, both of you. I know not everyone likes to spend free time unscrambling...but some do. For the record, Morrissey is still in my top 5 sexiest men of all time, and has earned a permanent place there.

kat said...

i keep commenting on these old posts, hoping that you get notification sent to your email account. we shall see.

did i ever make you a copy of my 'depeche mode, smiths, new order' mix? i know new order isn't on your top 5 list, but come on! they are so close to erasure.

this post reminded me of my best birthday ever, when we closed out birthday month with a pet shop boys concert. the crowd was awesome.

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