Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ode to Ed

An ode is really supposed to be a "lyric poem with complex stanza structure." I am not a poet, but it makes a damn fine title for this Father's Day tribute to the best father, husband and man I know.

My first impression of Ed was - this guy needs to loosen up. While that was in fact true, it didn't take away from my impression slowly shifting to - I wish I could be more like him; and later - I don't want to live without him. I'm so, so lucky that I don't have to.

He taught me how to work a room - not that I do it - but I could in a pinch thanks to his impeccable social skills, sensitivity and manners.

The characteristic I noticed first and have loved the longest about Ed is his gentleness. He keeps his cool, laughs at himself, keeps perspective, and is extremely gentle with other people. This, I knew, would make him the best father in the world. And it has. Just ask the girls.

Ed has an endless supply of...well, Ed-isms. Apparently most of them are colloquialisms I had just never heard before, like "behind the 8-ball", "out like scouts", "riding the pine", "in your grill", etc. But then there are ones all his own. This includes the nicknames he's invented for the girls, like bungaroo, munchkinator, sugar pops, and others.

I could go on, but I want to get this posted for Father's Day. And what I really want to say about Ed is simple - we love him. And we wouldn't change a thing.

Happy Father's Day!


Therese said...

what great photos, kari. happy fathers' day to ed!

dave said...

yeah, ed rules.

Preston said...

What an eloquent description of Ed the head. Growing up he was always the peacemaker in the family, and displayed the characteristics you discussed in your "ode". You comment about not wanting to live without him funny I recall someone saying the same thing about you when he told me you were getting married.

dävid said...

i hate to break from the crowd, but my first impression of ed was "man, this guy wants to fight me!"

just kidding. i have countless examples of what a great man ed is. word on the street, is that he's being sized up for adam in "the video".. if you know what i'm talking about. ; )

ed was a fantastic golfing buddy up in boulder... i really hope we can arrange that again in the future.

happy father's day ed.

your friend,


Maren said...

Great collection of pictures! Happy Father's Day Ed, a bit late. Kari, you got a good one (just like I did). The gentleness is so important. I know what you mean- I find that the longer I know Quinn, the more I have to learn from him, the more I want to be like him, and the less I feel like I could survive without him.

Can you do a "guess what Ed's colloquialisms mean" post? At least something for those of us who can only guess the meaning of things like "riding the pine"....

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