Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter 2013

 With everything else going on that week and weekend, Easter was a bit of a blur this year.  Which is sad, because it is a profoundly special holiday.   But some years are like that.

We had a couple of egg hunts this year.  First, at Grandma Marsha's house in Colorado, when we were on our trip.

 Next, we did one at a park with some friends from church the day after Hazel's birthday.  It was wonderfully cold - last year the chocolate melted, but not this year!

Then we came home and dyed eggs with Grandma and Aunt Ann.  I remembered to get vinegar!

 This year I just took a quickie pic of the girls' baskets, instead of the comprehensive, detailed blog post I like to do.  But some years are like that.  All the girls got: jelly beans, one chocolate-dipped Peep, one chocolate cream egg, headbands, a Utah Rocks! t-shirt, a DVD (H- Bill Nye; G- Prima Princessa; P- Strawberry Shortcake), Hello Kitty band-aids, a child-size offset spatula, and a book of folk tales (H- Native American; G- Irish; P- African.)  In addition, Hazel got a red Chinese silk purse and a bar of Pioneer soap from Zion Nat'l Park.  Ginger got a Tinkerbell PEZ (she's collecting), a hummingbird finger puppet, some shoes for her American Girl Doll, and a blue Chinese silk purse.  Poppy got a rabbit finger puppet and a small board book I won at a recent baby shower game (I win all those games.)

Luckily, I ordered Easter dresses for the girls way before our trip so I wouldn't have to worry about it after.  I would never have gotten to it otherwise.  Hazel is growing so fast, this may be the last year I can get all matching dresses.  Not that it's a requirement.  But when I find a cute one, it's fun.  

I got Hazel and Ginger these cute yellow gladiator sandals at an off-season sale last year, and they would have gone great with these dresses.  But neither of them can stand to wear shoes or sandals without socks, even in summer.  So the cuteness effect is somewhat diminished by socks and tights.  There is only so much I can control.  

Even though it was like ages ago, I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  I think we did. 

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