Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The 6-Year-Old

 With what we've dubbed her "Harry Potter scar", and the only smattering of snow we've had this winter, I think Ginger's 6th birthday has been pretty memorable.

We started the day with a blueberry pancake breakfast.

 And some cards and presents - a new outfit, including sneakers (see first picture, above.)

 In the afternoon I took treats in to her class - pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with the initial of each child in cream cheese frosting, and a sweetheart candy.  We did something similar last year in preschool, and Ginger wanted to do it again - it's becoming her signature. 

 I also read the class a book of Ginger's choosing from home - Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake.  Not my favorite book on our shelves, but it's pretty cute, and the kindergarten crowd laughed like crazy at the part where Betty says she wants to marry chocolate cake.
 That night my parents came over for more presents, singing, and dessert - Ginger requested "mint pudding" instead of cake, so I put together some mint chocolate pudding parfaits - watch the VGP for recipe coming soon.

 For much of the past year, the girls have been earning money for American Girl Dolls.  Ginger, who loves things Chinese, has had her doll picked out from the start - Ivy, Julie's 70's-era Chinese-American best friend.  Ginger has been so diligent and persistent in earning money for her doll, that we decided to take what she's earned so far (about $35), and get her Ivy for a big birthday surprise.  We sent her on a treasure hunt all over the house, and the look of shock on her face, when she opened the gift, was priceless.
 Ginger is our most responsible daughter - when we need something done that requires attention to detail, she's our girl.  She likes pizza, cheese crackers with peanut butter, black bean soup, bread with jelly, and popsicles, and although she's not a picky eater, she's a light one, often leaving food on her plate because she feels full.  Ginger does not have one best friend, but is friends with most everyone in her classes at school and church, though she says sometimes she becomes bored with a friend when that person still likes her, and she is exploring this new social experience.  She likes some physical play, but is more inhibited than her sisters, often leaving their rough house play to sit and watch, or play with the dollhouse.  Ginger LOVES babies, always rushing to their sides when we are near them, talking quietly, holding their hands, and hoping to hold them.  She is similarly a good mother's helper or babysitter with Poppy and other small children, and has an instinctive understanding of how to interact with younger children of different ages. 
 Here's her 6-year-old interview I took in the hospital while we were waiting for her stitches:

What's your favorite book?  Strega Nona
Who are your friends?  Can I change my favorite book?
Junie B.
Junie B. Jones?
And Franny K.
Franny K. Stein?  OK  Who are your friends?  Nawal, Sarah P., Nicole, and Diana
Who's coming to your birthday party?  Jack W, Jack M, Lizzie, Charlotte, Eva, and Jayda.  But I did invite Sid but he couldn't come.
What's your favorite color?  Purple
What do you like to eat?  Noodles, pizza, and cucumbers
What are some of your favorite activities?  Building forts, playing family like with my dolls and ponies and dollhouse
What do you like about school?  Math time
What do you not like about school?  Spanish
What do you like about church?  Primary and my friends
What do you not like about church?  That it's so long and you have to wait through all of it
What is the difference between boys and girls?  Boys are boys and girls are girls
What's the difference?  Well a girl usually has longer hair, except me, I have kind of short hair, and they got potty in like a toilet, and boys usually have short hair, and they have two different toilets they can do it in.  One for standing at, one for sitting at.  The girls just do sitting.
Do you have a favorite game?  Like on the iPad, or in the closet?
Any of them.  Both Toca Boca's and Sorry
What do you like to do with Dad?  Play baseball or basketball outside
What do you like to do with Mom?  Help her cook or snuggle with her
What do you like to do with Poppy?  Help her, play with her, snuggle with her
What do you like to do with Hazel?  Playing, being near her, having fun
What was the best thing about being five?  That I knew I was going to be six soon, that I was growing
What do you think will be the best thing about being six?  I'm gonna know I was littler and I'm gonna know I'll be seven soon
What is one of the most important things you've learned in life so far?  About Jesus
What about him?  Um we once lived up with him in the sky, and some people were on Satan's side, and some people were on Jesus' side, and I chose to be on Jesus' side.  And all our cousins and Grandma and Grandpa and all our ancestors and my family.  Everyone on the earth did it.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?  China
Why?  Because it's pretty and I like noodles and I could try eating them with chopsticks
Is there anything else you'd like to say for your 6-year-old interview?  Some
What?  That I liked being five and I think I'm gonna have a fun time being six, and that I love my family
We love you, too!

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