Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's

 I don't usually remember to do much for St. Patrick's Day.  Maybe we'll drink some Naked Green Machine or have some peas with dinner.  But this year, probably because it was on a Saturday, we lived it up.  Only after I'd gotten everyone dressed, then remembered, and stripped them down to redress in green.  Lucky Charms for breakfast, baby.  Really the generic kind, "Magic Stars."  But still a treat. 

Green nail polish for everyone!

Shamrock sugar cookies.

Then on the way to the bathroom to wash her hands, Hazel passed through a stream of light and discovered the amazing disco properties of her sequin collar.  That was fun for a long time.

Several birthday parties, then our own big dinner party with two of Ed's cousins and their families completed our lucky, green, (and exhausting for me!) St. Patrick's Day.

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Lindsay said...

You did way more than we did to celebrate. Garrett didn't even want to wear green. :)

Also, I just have to tell you -- every time I see a picture of your three girls, especially when they're lined up by order of age like the first picture in this post, I'm always reminded of Beverly Cleary's Quimby family. There's something about Ginger that screams Ramona to me for some reason. (Is it her cute bobbed hair? Her happy-go-lucky grin? I don't know, but it's cute.) At any rate, I think it's awesome -- and adorable. :)

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