Friday, November 04, 2011

Art Tuesday: Shoebox Painting

 A few years ago Hazel did a project like this in preschool, but I totally forgot about it until Ginger's preschool did it, too.  It's fun, easy, not too messy, and definitely a new way of painting.

What you need:
  • Tempera paints, several colors
  • Paper or plastic cups
  • Spoons
  • Masking tape
  • Acorns, marbles, or small rocks
  • White 8x11 paper
  • A shoebox or other box with lid

What to do:
1. Lay a piece of paper in the shoebox and tape it into place.

 2.  Pour some paint into a cup.  I usually cut it with some water to make it thinner.  Place an acorn or small rock in the paint to get it covered.  Use a spoon to remove it.

 3.  Place the acorn in the box on the paper.  Close the box tightly.
 5.  Shake, shake, shake!

 6.  Open the box and behold your masterpiece!  It's also fun to put several acorns with several colors in and shake them up together.

Meanwhile, I gave Poppy a squirt of paint on her highchair tray and a silicone pastry brush to keep her busy.
 But she still wanted to do some of the box-shaking.  Undoubtedly that is the most fun part.

Check out our work:

1 comment:

Maren said...

That's cool- I've also seen it done with a golf ball rolled around a piece of paper in lid from a paper box.

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