Saturday, August 06, 2011

Art Tuesday: Fill the Canvas

We had to skip or reschedule a couple Art Tuesdays because of travel and illness - the ups and downs of summer! - but we are back on track for at least a few more weeks.

This week the project was simple, yet one none of the kids had done before. They each received an 11x14 canvas ($2.99 for a 3-pack at Michael's!), and chose a paint brush.
With a paper plate for a palette, they chose four colors from the array of glitter paint offered. A glass of water for rinsing, and a paper towel for dabbing, and they were off to the races.

The objective? Fill the canvas. That's it. Which is harder for some artists than others, depending on style and paintbrush size. But a worthy goal for all.Poppy kept busy running around chasing a tennis ball, yelling, eating Goldfish, etc. The usual.
Fill the Canvas
What you need:
  • paint brushes (thicker than thin)
  • paint (tempera, glitter, acrylic, whatever - maybe not watercolor for this)
  • a canvas for each kid
  • rinsing water
  • paper plate palettes
  • paper towels

What to do:
Give each kid a canvas, paintbrush, water cup, paper towel and choice of paints on the palette. Tell them to fill the canvas, even to the very edges. Hint: Dry by placing them on overturned bowls so they are easier to lift without touching the edges.


Kelly said...

Love Poppy's style...the belt, the twinkle toes...which I applaud you for getting on her. I don't know if it's me, the shoes, or if El just keeps buying the wrong size, but I have the hardest time getting those shoes on any of the girls.

Frank Zweegers said...

Looks lovely!

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