Thursday, May 26, 2011

DM Tip: Pony Holders

This is our hair basket:
It contains a brush, water spray bottle, detangling spray, and several zipper cases of elastics, clips and various accessories, all of which are always jumbled, and to which you can never find a match when you need one. When the girls take ponytail holders out of their hair at night, they end up on the floor, in the bathroom, in the laundry - anywhere but back in the hair basket.

But a tip I read recently is helping to reign in the chaos - keeping ponies on carabiners.
It's especially nice for us since we have several sizes of ponies and the little ones are really hard to keep track of.
We ordered a set of six carabiners from Amazon ($6), and when they arrived Ginger helped me load them all up. One empty one stays in the girls' bathroom to receive used ones at night. She thought it was a super fun activity. And I love that everything is a little more contained.

And as a bonus, the case of pony carabiners is Poppy's new favorite toy!


Andrea said...

This is a darling, darling idea. I'm doing it! Thanks for the tip.

tona said...

you don't have a rippin' outdoor store down there near you? Would save on shipping...

Poppy is looking forward to being able to WEAR one of those ponies someday! Don't worry girl, your day is coming.

Disco Mom said...

Shipping, my butt. Did you see that they're from AMAZON? I'm a prime member and I never pay shipping. Plus I'm not hauling my entourage out on an EXTRA errand to REI or Dick's just to overpay for climbing carabiners when all I need are cheapy office type ones. Not to mention VA sales tax. We avoid extra errands at all costs. One-click shopping at 11pm as soon as I think of it, that's what works for me.

Poppy is getting there. We did do a fountain pony one day at church but she pulled it out in the first hour. Headbands, bows and clips never worked on her, either. Just need her to get older and have buy-in. Need vanity to kick in.

Maren said...

That is super-awesome! I totally need to do that. I love the pictures of Poppy, too!

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