Sunday, May 29, 2011

DM Finds: Stomp Rocket

OK, folks, here is the hottest summer toy that both you and your kids will love: the Stomp Rocket. This one is actually the Stomp Rocket Jr. with glow-in-the-dark rockets.

I was browsing on Amazon for a birthday gift for Hazel's friend, and was seduced by the rave reviews and perfect price tag ($10.50) this little set offered. So we got one for her friend. And another set for us.

It is the BEST summer toy, and here's why:
  • Kid-powered (no batteries)
  • Requires turn-taking but turns are very quick
  • Fun for all ages (Poppy can put the rocket on by herself and we help her jump or sit on the stomper to send it flying - gratuitous giggles ensue)
  • Can play alone or with others (it's fun to try to catch the rocket when you're waiting for your turn)
  • Inherent but unmeasurable competition
  • Active!
Cons, though I don't think any of them are a big deal:
  • Babies like to chew on the rockets (so what else is new)
  • The stand sometimes comes apart if it gets knocked or jumped on - an adult has to put it back together
  • The rockets sometimes get stuck in nearby trees, but that offers its own fun trying to get it down (Dads love to get involved in this manly challenge)
  • Babies crawling too close to the stomper may get knocked down by heaven-gazers trying to catch the rockets (whoops)
We were out in our common area/courtyard the other night doing the rocket and a family who recently moved in came out when they heard the giggles. They have a newly adopted 3-year-old son from Eritrea who is shy and speaks little English. It was fun to see him warm up and smile when his Dad, and later he, stomped the rocket into space.

So if you've got a space for stomping, I'd say go get you one. Unless your kid has a summer birthday and will be inviting my kid to the party...because I'm pretty sure this is our new favorite gift.

And here's a cute picture of Ginger climbing the tree the HOA says we're not allowed to climb. I am training them early to defy authority.


tona said...

I think a couple sets should come to the family reunion

Geary said...

Great action shots!! Especially the one with the rocket just leaving. This is a great find!

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