Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Basket Fillings

It's Easter, it's Easter! Because it's so late this year I feel like an IDIOT saying it snuck up on me, but it did. Hazel has been on spring break for three weeks and I am behind on everything! And Poppy's birthday is TOMORROW! And I think I will just spend the whole month of May writing about April.

Each year, for my own record-keeping, I like to post what's in the kids' baskets. I admit, I went overboard this year. Don't care, not apologizing. I finally bought some big and proper Easter baskets (40% off at Michael's!) The kind that don't stack, are bulky, and a massive pain to store. But oh-so-pretty! And BIG! And kinda matchy although Hazel's liner is lavender, Ginger's is pale yellow and Poppy's is white with a little blue trim. And here's what I am putting in them:

  1. New hooded towels for each girl. Our old ones are getting ratty and I was sucked in by these at Costco. Hazel- flower, Ginger - ladybug, Poppy - strawberry.
  2. DVDs - second Tinkerbell movie for Ginger, Madeline on the Town for Hazel. (We got Madeline's Great Adventures a few months ago and the girls love it.)
  3. Socks, socks, socks. Always socks.
  4. Jumprope and Diddly Doodle (8-colors-in-1 clicky crayon thingy.)
  5. Butterfly spray bottle - we use spray bottles to death in the summer - lots of outside fun to be had!
  6. Three large "jewel" eggs - one with chocolate coins, one with Hershey kisses, one with jelly beans.
Not shown: band-aids, little bubble bath packets and Lindt chocolate carrot, our alternative to chocolate bunnies.

And just because I'm having fun in Picasa, here they are packed into Ginger's basket:

Those were for the older girls. Poppy doesn't get candy, jumpropes, or most of that other stuff. But she does get a hooded towel, a Karen Katz Easter board book, and a Crazy Cuddly Wolf Plush Musical Toy. Red Riding Hood winds up on the front and it plays a lullaby version of "Aquarius" from Hair. Because I simply couldn't help myself.
And what about Ed? I've been making him Easter baskets for eleven years even though he doesn't care, and the stuff often sits around unused, uneaten, for a year. I don't know why I can't give it up. I just feel he should get one even though he's not a kid anymore, and even though he never makes me one. So each year I try to think what he wants or needs, or what he will definitely use. Basically like the Christmas stocking, just a different holiday. I did well with shoe polish and travel-size toiletries last year. This year I went with more toiletries and some of his favorite snacks: razors, peanuts, Oreos, gum, favorite Trader Joe's licorice, deodorant, travel toothpaste and the chocolate carrot (which will sit around but I had a 4-pack so he gets one.)

What is your family getting this year?


dave said...

I cracked up that razors top the list of Ed's favorite snacks.

"oooh, RAZORS!" crunch, crunch, "AAAAIEEEE!!!!", crunch crunch...

jeans said...

dave, where's your sense of adventure?

Since my kids are teens, I don't even pretend to do anything but candy any more. Just candy: Lindt bunny, Reese's, Jellybellies, Peeps. The end.

Happy birthday Poppy!!

Shells said...

Growing up Easter was the one time all year that I got a new dress, so this year I got each of the kids a new Sunday outfit and I am dying to see them in them. We bought a Phineas and Ferb cheap, pre-made basket and divvied up the stash between the baskets, got some candy, and some other fun things. I am just proud of myself that I had my act together, kind of, this year.

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