Thursday, April 14, 2011

DiscoMom Finds: Japanese Baby Pants

I am completely nutso for Japanese baby pants, sometimes also called monkey pants. I first saw some on a toddler at the library in Brooklyn, NY. I asked her mom where on earth such cuteness could be found, and, you guessed it: Japan (they were from there.) I considered setting up a playdate so I could ingratiate myself enough to get hooked up on their next trip. This was about three years ago. I went home and Googled my heart out trying to find something like them, with one success: Sckoon.

Could you die? There is something beyond adorable about the cut and style of these soft, room-for-diapers pants. I got Ginger a red-and-white striped pair, and now Poppy is wearing them. I have always loved a good diaper butt, and these pants were made to accent them!

More recently, I came across some similar pants/leggings on a site called Olliebollen. Did I mention I cannot get over them? I've been drooling for a few months, trying to decide whether to drop the cash or not, splurging on the baby who has enough clothes for all practical purposes. There are the leggings. And then there are the shorts and the skeggings! How can a person resist such temptation?

So I broke down and got Poppy one thing. Or two. A kid needs birthday presents! And. The best part is I searched for "Japan baby pants" or similar on ebay, and would you believe there were a couple of sellers selling multiple styles and sizes of the same Dobutsu pants they have on Olliebollen. So I got one in the size I think she is (they say they run small) and one in the next size, for $6 each plus nominal shipping. I cannot wait to try them on!

Also. I don't have a boy but occasionally find myself buying for one. I am extremely picky about boy clothing but would definitely buy a pair of these pants (look at the website - they have good masculine ones) or anything from Sckoon. Especially this. And this.

*I have a long list of cool things I like or find that I want to post. I don't like the old series name I used to use, "The Good Stuff", but I am having a hard time coming up with the right series title - I thought perhaps "Gaga" but you know, there's Lady Gaga and she kinda changed the meaning. So for now it's "DiscoMom Finds" but I am open to suggestions.


kat said...

this is a little long, but i think it fits:
'cool stuff you know you want'

because i want almost everything you find. i'm such a copy cat. and i need you to come out here and take me shopping, because some serious defrumpification is so in order!

Just Katy said...

Hilarious. I really love the little lamb

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