Monday, February 14, 2011

Sent from my Awesomeness

Ed done good. Turns out the un-subtle route reaped the best birthday ever. First, he sent me a gorgeous bouquet of tulips - it is so fun to receive delivered flowers! Second, he got me a brand spankin' new iPhone 4 which was released the day after my birthday.For most people this would be a cool upgrade from their current iPhone. But I've never had one, nor an iPad, nor an iPod touch, nor anything beyond a classic iPod which my kids have mostly taken over. I was using a dinky Verizon flip phone that was tempermental about delivering voice messages, and on which I probably sent less than 10 text messages in 3 years. I feel like I've time-warped from Anne of Green Gables to The Jetsons. I can do WHAT?! I can check the weather ANYTIME?! I can see my current location on a map, and the surrounding traffic?! I can text, and make lists, and send emails, and scroll my contacts like a digital rolodex whenever I want? And of course that's just the amateur stuff.

Apps. That's what this post is really about. I have a few. But it's like peeking through a pinhole at an alternate universe. Everyone I've talked to has their favorite apps. Seems like I'm only limited by my imagination - if I can think of it, there's an app for it, right? But I am simple-minded and still amazed at the weather thing.

The first night, I watched Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog on my phone from my Netflix queue just because I could. The next day, I entered all of my contacts and downloaded apps for Amazon, the scriptures, and a few free games, promptly and irrevocably becoming addicted to Bubble Explode. I also texted Ed several times just to tell him I'm texting.

I must be careful about my exhilaration. It's just a thing. Not everyone has one, or wants one. I must stop blushing and giggling when I say, "Let me check my iPhone." Gotta play it cool.

So really the point of this was to give Ed props for his cleverness - I had mentioned once or twice I'd like one but I was truly not expecting it! Also, want to know what your favorite apps are and why.

Oh, and one more thing - for Valentine's Day Ed sent me to a pedicure date with a girl friend Saturday morning - more props for him. I thought I'd do a blog post about it but I forgot my camera. Oh, wait, I had my iPhone! So I sent it to myself and changed the end tag to "Sent from my Awesomeness." And that is how I feel about that.


Geary said...

Welcome to the 21st century!

tona said...

drooling! I am hoping to get one sometime soon, you can pick out all the good apps and hook me up with them when I join you in awesomenessland. Nice pedi, too!

Kathleen said...

I was just like you when I got my awesomeness and now 10 months later, I have to admit I still am! I love the iPhone so much. Some aps that I love are : angry birds and peggel for games, Mill colour for photos, and Dragon dictation just because it's so cool!
Enjoy! x

Lindsay said...

Blake has an ipod touch and is forever checking the free app a day sites for free downloads. Apparently some pretty awesome stuff comes through. I don't really ever use it except to check my email occasionally, so I have no first-hand app advice. But if you want free stuff that's been discounted for promotions or whatever, google Free App a Day.

Jenifuz said...

You are so cute!!! Travis keeps me pretty up-to-date on all the tech stuff. He's kinda anti-apple so we don't have any iphones, just ipods around here. He just likes to go against the grain sometimes so he's waiting for the new HP/Palm phones and touch pad that they just debuted. I will say that Angry birds is very dangerous as it can be very addicting when you really want to get those pigs! Or just beat your hubby to getting 3 stars! :) Have fun with your new awesomness!! ;)

Philippa said...

Congratulations on your new iPhone! I'm absolutely in love with mine, mostly because of all the apps that help make my life as a working mom easier. If it's alright, I'd like to recommend one of my current favorite apps, Intuition. Tagged as mom's personal assistant, it's a task management app that has many features designed to help us moms. It's really easy to use and it looks cute, too. Plus, it's free! You can check it out on

Mia said...

I still, still, love my iPhone. I wish I could get a fancier updated version, but I'm just glad to have one at all. First, have you figured out folders yet? I used to have 6 pages of apps when a boy in my Sunday School class got SO frustrated trying to find things that he foldered all my apps. Basically you touch an icon until it starts wiggling then you place like icons on top of one another and it makes a folder.

I have my first page for my main things: Texts, Calendar, Camera, Youtube, Maps, Notes, Itunes, AppStore, Google, Settings, and a folder for Utilities

Then on my second page I have a folder for...

Kids Games: I have a ton but my three favorite are, MeeGenius, SuperWhy, PaperTown, my kids would choose Oregon Trail, TC2:USA, and BrainQuest

Baby Games: (and yes I let my two year old use my phone, but I am crazy) Peekaboo Barn and Wild and Forest (barn is my favorite of the three),iTot Cards,Giraffe's Matching Zoo. These have been so valuable in helping Blake with his language skills.

Mom Games: again more than I need but these are my favorites, Words With Friends (you can start a game with me by searching my usual email address, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Solebon, and Moron Test

Shopping: Amazon, Target, Sephora, Groupon

Entertainment: All of my E-reader apps but I mostly read on my iPad because the phone is too small for me to do sustained reading, Redbox, This American Life.

Church: I have two scripture apps (one free, one paid... I like them for different reasons), The Hymns, and LDS Tools an app put out by the church. It has been invaluable!

I have probably 30 apps I didn't mention, but these are my favorites.

You will have to let me know which ones you end up loving. Especially if you find any cooking/baking apps that you love. I have the Jamie Oliver app because I have a celebrity crush on him. The app is great, but so expensive that I have a hard time recommending it.

OnCallMom said...

I love the un-subtle route! :) I'm glad you're enjoying your new toy...may your honeymoon be long. :)

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