Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disco Mom's New Mom First Month Essentials

Poppy is one month old already. I'm pretty sure that was the fastest month of my life. It's all a blur. But I'm not crying every day anymore. We have gotten out of the house a few times, me and the three girls. I've even cooked a dinner or two, and here I am blogging. Functionality is rising incrementally.

Here is what has gotten me through the month:

The swaddle (it's an art form), the Amby, and the white noise cd
The glider and the Boppy
The Itzbeen (my new fav baby gadget)
and (love it - save $10 with my referral code DISCOMOM)

The bouncy seats (one on each level, natch)
(so many cartoons,
so many home renovation shows,
so many Office reruns...)
And most importantly, the DAD! (Love you, Eddie)


Jill T said...

Congratulations on surviving the first month! Poppy is adorable and you already know I love her name (why didn't I think of that one?!?)

Just Katy said...

Wow it's been a month already?? That's crazy!! Happy Survival! And great list.

kat said...

i've been thinking about you. i'd call if i could 1) dial a phone and 2)find your number, but then i'd probably be disturbing a nap!

Lindsay said...

Happy to hear you're surviving. Poppy's a cutie. :)

-Sydney- said...

The Itzbeen is just plain cool! I wish I'd had one of those.

Jenifuz said...

Congrats on surviving! I think the change from 2 to 3 is a big one to adjust to and it looks like you're doing great! Way to go girl!

Shells said...

I have never even heard of the Itzbeen, clever tool. The first month is so full of family dynamics in addition to new babyness. Good luck on making it through and here's to no more tears!

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