Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Factory

The preschool Valentine's Party was supposed to be last Friday. But the entire region was still recovering from "Snowmageddon" (not my invented term) so school was cancelled. Monday was Presidents' Day holiday so the party was rescheduled for today. Again, school was cancelled. So it's rescheduled for tomorrow. Luckily preschoolers totally don't care that it's a few days late. It's a party and Valentine's Day, at least to my girls, is particularly exciting. So much pink and love!

The preschool Nazis sent out an email asking that children bring a Valentine for each child in the class (OK) but no candy (BOO!) I promptly planned to ignore that and make big heart cookies - generously decorated with candy - for each kid. Then I came across these adorable ideas and thought I'd do one of them instead, just to try something new:

Valentine's Oreo Pops

But with all the scheduling uncertainty, and my lack of getting to the craft store for supplies during all the snowstorms, I decided yesterday we would just have to go a more simple route this year. Simple meaning non-perishable homemade Valentine's cards, not simple meaning pointless store-bought Spongebob "cards" that you just put your name on. I hate those.

I'm not a scrapbooker or otherwise paper artist. But I did have a stack of cardstock, some red heart paper doilies in the craft basket, and a huge pad of 12x12 scrapbook paper I bought once and have used for a surprising variety of projects. Such pretty paper. I also scrounged up some unopened (= not dried out) tubes of glitter glue in the craft supplies, which to Hazel is like the Holy Grail of art supplies. Also picked up some stickers at the grocery checkout earlier this week.

It took a few hours, and a massive amount of redirecting, but Hazel and I (and at the end, Ginger) managed to crank out 16 of these custom beauties. It was all worth it when Hazel would pick one up, look at it critically, and proclaim which classmate it should be for. Then she would set about decorating with glitter and stickers with that person in mind.
"I just know ***** will feel my love when she sees this!"

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