Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Preschool

Aaah. Today was Hazel's first day back at preschool. We had a great summer and I don't mind having Hazel home at all - she is a self-entertainer in her pretend world, but something about the routine makes me feel so happy. Structured. Organized. Plus this year Hazel is one of the big kids in her class - she knows the rules, the teacher, the routine. She fell back into things without a hitch.

"Please smile nicely for the camera."

"OK, now do whatever you want."

1 comment:

MiaKatia said...

It is the routine for me too. I actually miss the kiddos (more than I thought I would) when they are gone. But, it does allow me to have uninterrupted time for getting things done.

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