Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Disco Mom is in the House

...and I have internet, woohoo!

We are up to our chins in boxes, and the house echoes as we move around, but bit by bit, box by box, we are settling in. I could tell you the story of moving day, the details of organizing the kitchen, the way "rough" is an understatement for the girls' adjustment, or our new favorite game:
"Where Did I Put _____: (I Just Saw it a Minute Ago)."

But I'm too tired and have too much else to do right now. Like paint. And clean. And unpack. And put together. And get all the stuff for the bake sale organized. And baked. So for now a few pictures:

Living Room

Dining Room
First Batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies
(I've got my priorities straight)
And a final two words for you:DOUBLE VANITY
(I have arrived.)


kat said...

i'm so glad you have internet! i've been dying to see/hear how things are going. on the one hand i think: the girl is busy! give her some time! and then i think: but what about MY needs?!! :)

i wish i was there to help you paint!

Maren said...

Love it, love it, love it. I will help you paint. Go ahead and unpack. And bake. :)

Kelly said...

funny, I have similar priorities. Maddy was sick with a high fever yesterday. But after 2 sleepless nights, we finally got some rest. So what do I do first thing in the morning? Bake cookies!!

Love the pictures! Congrats on the house!

MiaKatia said...

Love the picture of the girls jumping on the couch. I think baking is a perfect priority.

Jenny said...

Yeah - I am so glad you are in. Thanks for sharing pictures the house looks amazing. It puts it all together for me from your diagrams.

Emily said...

The double vanity comment made me LOL.

david said...

yes, double vanity - even the men want one!

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