Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank You, Jump Up and Down!

In January I won an adorable handmade dress from the eclectically talented Jessi at Jump up and Down. I don't know her personally but I occasionally check in on her fun finds, cooks, crafts, makes and ideas, and it's always great to happen upon her giveaways.

In this particular case it was a dress just perfect for Hazel this spring. It arrived one afternoon while Ginger was sleeping, and since we could therefore avoid the political repercussions of opening a package that only contained something for Hazel, we immediately opened it, tried it on, and went on the back porch for a fashion show:
Hazel danced around admiring herself in the glass door and exclaimed that she looked like a beautiful Princess Queen, and no one could argue it. Thank you SOOOOO MUCH, Jessi! It's wonderful and so are you!

And with Easter coming up, check out some of Jessi's ideas. What a wonderfully fun time of year!


Kate Cummings said...

That is one awesome looking dress. Too bad they don't do adult sizes.

jessi said...

Looks great! Thanks for posting a pic of your lovely little girl in it!

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