Saturday, November 15, 2008


Yesterday, 8:51 am. Hazel and her friend Bradley are talking in the back seat of the car on the way to preschool.

Hazel coughs.

Me: "Hazel, cover your mouth when you cough please."

Hazel: "Bradley, I have mouth germs in my mouth."

Bradley: "What does that mean?"

Hazel: "Well it means I have a little cough and when I cough a little bit they come out!"

Aw, cute. Three-year-olds are so cute. I'll have to remember this for a Snapshot blog post.

Bradley: "You mean like Ghostbusters?"

Hazel: "Yeah, like Ghostbusters!"

Peals of laughter.

Um, OK, don't know how to explain that part but at least amazingly they seem to understand the connection. They're cute, but their logic is truly elusive.

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