Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Tona!

Now updated with ANSWERS!

Today is my sister Tona's birthday. She's the oldest of the living Younce siblings; also the shortest, the only redhead, the youngest to marry (19), has the most kids (4), the only Ph.D., and usually has the most on her plate to keep her furiously multitasking. Hearing about her life wears me out. But she's a super mom, an awesome sister, an important example in so many ways, artistic and creative, I could go on. But there may be a few things you don't know about her. Let's find out, shall we?

4. Once Tona decided to make herself a glamorously billowly bubble bath like in a commercial. When she drained the tub there were so many bubbles that the basement toilet overflowed with foam. When our parents interrogated her, what did it turn out she had used to make the bubbles? PALMOLIVE (dish soap)
9. What is the similarity between Tona and her birthdate? They're both _______. SHORT (December 21 is the shortest day of the year; Tona is the shortest in our family)
12. As a child, Tona collected what objects? HAND MIRRORS
13. What was the name of Tona's imaginary kingdom in the woods behind our house? According to Maren, this was the name you had to yell while running down the hill and in between the tall trees before running back to the woods path. I was deemed too young to enter the kingdom, which made it all the more magical to me. IDYLWILDE
14. What sport did Tona cheerlead for in high school? BASKETBALL
15. When she was little, Tona hopped around the house like what animal? FROG
17. What is Tona's current favorite evening activity? KNITTING
18. How is the name TONA spelled in it original Norwegian? THONE
19. Where was Tona's first job outside the home? MINNESOTA FABRICS
20. When Tona was about 10, she wanted to take a class, but didn't want to go alone, so Dad took it with her. What was the class? PAINTING

1. For their anniversary this year, Tona took Don on a surprise overnight trip to NYC. What play did they see? CURTAINS
2. What part does Tona sing? ALTO
3. What field did Tona start out majoring in at MIT? MICROBIOLOGY
5. What is Tona's favorite children's TV show? MISTER ROGERS
6. What dignitary did Tona meet at her Ph.D. graduation? JOHN GLENN (Cute story: the boys were excited they were going to meet him, so they drew him pictures. When they gave them to him, he signed them and gave them back so they would have a special momento.)
7. When Tona was about 11, what kind of bed did she have for a year? HAMMOCK (she hung from the ceiling I think, and had to climb up into the top part of the closet to get in there)
8. What is Tona's favorite syndicated/rerun TV show? FRASER
10. What did Tona eat for breakfast on big test days in high school? TUNA (disgusting)
11. How tall is Tona? FIVE TWO
16. What is Tona's "pet" middle name? BEAN - you say it "Tonabean"
20. Where did Tona & Don go on their honeymoon? PEI (Prince Edward Island)

So how'd you do? Post what you think your score is or which ones you didn't know - I'll post the answers in a few days.

Happy Birthday, Tona!


tona said...

Wow, I'm stumped on a few. 4 across, and 5 down. These are hilarious and some of them are truly trivia!

Thanks, Kari! You are such a great sister. Love, tona

tona said...

I mean, I remember the episode in 4 across VIVIDLY but I can't make a word fit into those spaces.

Maren said...

I didn't get 12 across and 1,3,6, & 8 down.
I think I scored a 15 out of 20. Not bad!

ChiliLady said...

HAPPY birthday!!!
I wish you a Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!
Chililady from Austria

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