Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Triplets Chant

This month is flying.  We are still recovering from Christmas, as we roll uncontrollably into birthday season.

In the meantime.  The girls sometimes sit on the stairs and sing a "sisters" song together, looking into the mirror there.  The song is different every time; I've recorded a few.  More recently, they made up a sisters' chant, and I filmed it on Sunday.  It's a 16-second representation of the unity I hope they always maintain.  Of course we use the term "triplets" loosely; we gloss over the fact that they were all born a few years apart.

I am Triplet One!  I have lots of fun!
I am Triplet Two!  I know what to do!
I am Triplet Three!  I will say, "YIPEE!"

1 comment:

Janet said...

Love it! What great and cute kids.

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