Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quickie Christmas Craft

The last few days we've been mostly staying home. With preschool out, plus all the snow that still hasn't melted, it's been so nice to just make our own schedule...or not. I've been working on all kinds of little projects, plus laundry and cleaning like I haven't done in months.

But I admit, at times, the girls have been bored. So we've done lots of arts & crafts. Lots of painting at the easel. Lots of cutting up magazines and making collages. Lots and lots of drawing. And finally, tired with the usual, Hazel told me she wanted to make a real craft project..."with glitter!"

I immediately turned to my email folder of Kids Craft Weekly, which if you don't subscribe to, you should. (We don't do crafts weekly like she does, but I save the emails so I always have them to turn to when I need help.) The latest had easy Christmas crafts, and yes, there was one with glitter. Bless the woman!

So we went down to the fridge and confiscated two sour cream lids (put the sour cream in a tupperware.) Also grabbed some food coloring. Came back up to the office and got out white glue, sequins, buttons, and GLITTER. We made some red glue and the girls painted it on the lids. We stuck buttons and sequins on and sprinkled with glitter galore. Let dry overnight. In the morning we punched a hole, made a yarn loop, and voila! Two more ornaments for the tree, and the need for glitter satisfied...for now.

1 comment:

tona said...

Adorable!!! Merry Christmas! Those are going to be among your favorite ornaments. I love the stuff my kids made when they were little. *sniff* they grow so fast...

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