Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Starting Early

This year I'm skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving and just starting Christmas now. I understand this may bug some people - those of you who scoff indignantly at the holiday catalogs arriving, at the Christmas stock already nudging Halloween out of store aisles. It probably would have bugged me too before I was The Mom but I honestly can't remember back that far.

I mean, obviously most people are thinking about gifts and who to get what, and how to budget the next few paychecks. Christmas card pictures must be ordered (or taken and ordered), letters written. Travel is arranged. Party invitations are starting to arrive. There are stocking stuffers to collect, meals to plan and packages to mail. Which is EXACTLY why I'm starting now. Because last year, despite best efforts, I woke December 26 a little disappointed. The Christmas season, and especially that week, had been a little too busy, and not meaningful enough for my taste. So I'm trying to pace myself - get a lot of the To-Do's done in November, keep the December calendar a little more open, and seek traditions to test drive. I'm a bit aimless in the traditions department, but I have an appreciation for their role, especially around Christmas, so I'm searching.

I've been playing Christmas music, and putting a few new CD's on my wish list. Collecting children's Christmas books like a bandit - that will have its own post soon. Planning gifts (on a spreadsheet, using a code for Ed's gifts in case he sees the list, but every time I can barely remember how to decipher the code myself - lame!) Got my gift wrap ordered from the school fundraiser.

I just remember last year thinking, "Note to self: the kids got too much stuff, and December was too hectic." So I'm making very, very sure to scale back on the kids' things this year. What do they really need? Not much. And maybe December will always feel hectic to The Mom, but if I go into it with more To-Do's checked off, and a better plan for celebration and relaxation, maybe I - and everyone - can get more out of it. Or maybe I'll have to start even earlier next year.


Shanda said...

Where did you find those stockings? Those are adorable! I still need a stocking for Milo. I am the worst! Oh and what do you want for christmas? I have a few ideas but I would love to know if you have any good ideas.

Anonymous said...

For the past few years I have had the goal (and largely met it) to have gift shopping done by Thanksgiving. It has worked pretty well. One or two pop up after that, but it is much easier than doing it all.

My kids get too much, too. Totally my fault. (And a little bit grandma's).

kat said...

i love the felt trees. those are great! hummmm . . . i think i feel ANOTHER project coming on.

i'm working on getting the 'stuff' done before december so we can focus on the REASON for Christmas in the first place in december.

go kari!

MiaKatia said...

Honestly I agree. I need to enjoy the season more, which means getting in gear a month earlier in general... AND my kids get way too much stuff. I paired down quite a bit last year, but this year is going to be even more so.

Disco Mom said...

Shanda - the pics are all from garnet hill. i'm sure your ideas are great. the girls and i have amazon wish lists, but your on your own for Ed. I got nothing in ideas for him :)

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